Season 3 Paul Changes

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I'm liking some of the changes. At least he didn't get hit with more nerfs:

Favorite changes include his new move QCB+3,2,3 and being able to cancel FC df+1+2 with ~B now. I've been wanting a new sway option since TTT2 but they gave it to him from 3,2 which is useless since anyone with half a brain will duck the 2 anyway.
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Really? I think 3,2sway is godsend.

3,2~b4 in combos are simple and deals a bit more damage than his old juggles.
[launcher] 3,2~b4, dash demoman is very easy.
W! 3,2~b2 is great damage and becomes his current BnB wall i guess. It can even hit small girls, awesome.
qcb 323 is good vs people who used to duck this but it's punishable, i think its -13 block?

Also you could do W! 3,2~b~u~deathfist at kuma
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Yeah, the consistency alone with 3,2~SWY is incredible. Paul got hooked up in S3.
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