Kazumi Combos! And Other info!

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doesn't make any sense...is there a wall hit somewhere..also wrong notation
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Question about kazumi setups. I don't really know how to put any together with her. All I can think of is after my opponent knows I like to throw out d/f+1s they might press buttons if they're not expecting the "2" followup so I could backdash once after a d/f+1, they whiff and I either hopkick (or hopknee) or go 32 into d+2.

Can anyone offer some advice here. I'm on the early stage of green ranks so think I need to develop some setups with adaptations to further my game.
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All Kazumi Commands List
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I was messing around with some unorthodox combos for Kazumi - found some (new?) stuff - even recorded a short CMV.


All combos require strict timing and/or dashing.
Main theme is the "dash, f+3~f" finisher - so some of those combos are not exactly optimized in terms of damage.

CH 4, b+2 S! FLY 2, d/f+1, 1, f+3~f, FLY 4,2 (59 dmg)
f,f+4, FLY 2, f+3~f, FLY 2, b,f+2,1,4 S! 1, f+3~f, FLY 2 W! f+3~f, FLY 2, 1+2 (99 dmg)
u/f+4, f+3~f, FLY 2, d/f+1, b,f+2,1,4 S! 1, f+3~f, FLY 3 (58 dmg)
u/f+4, 4, b,f+2,1,4 S! 1, f+3~f, FLY 4,2 W! FLY 3, d+2 (69+16 dmg - d+2 is guaranteed)
u/f+4, 4, d/f+1, 3,1 S! 1, f+3~f, FLY 4,2 W! WR 2 (72 dmg)
CH d/b+4, iWS 1,2 WB! u/f+3,4,3 S! FLY 2 W! f,f+1+2 (RD), 1+2 (98 dmg)
d/f+2, 3,1 S! 1, 1, f+3~f, FLY 4,2 (62 dmg)
FLY 2, f+3~f, FLY 2, 1, 1, f+4 S! 1, f+3~f, FLY 2 W! f+3~f, FLY 2, 1+2 (88 dmg)
u/f+3,4,3 S! 4, 1, f+3~f, FLY 4,2 (59 dmg)
CH 4, f,f+1+2 (RD) W! b+4, iWR 2 WB! f+4, b,f+2,1,1+2 (83 dmg)
u/f+4, f+3~f, FLY 2, 3,1 S! 1, b,f+2,1,1+2 (59 dmg)

Let me know what you think.

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ok so I havent heard anyone mention uf+343 as an ender yet so I will explain it here.

uf4, f3~f, RSS2, bf214 S! minidash, uf341 does 60 damage.

df2, df1, bf214 S! minidash, uf341 does 62 damage.

You can see the formula is (launch, 2hits, bf214 into ender)

It's difficult to do on ling, but easier on med/big guys.

for small characters, ff4 needs to be modified slightly. All other launchers do not.

ff4, f3+4~ RSS2, df1, bf214 S! minidash, uf341 works. 68 damage.

uf+343 does not work on smalls, but is good wall carry for big guys.
It does 2 less damage.

This also applies to her low parry!

df ; f3~f, RSS2, bf214 S! minidash, uf341 does 47 damage. (a good bargain)

Someone also asked what to do when punishing AOP sweep or similar that gets floated instead of standard punish.

WS4, df1, bf214 S! minidash uf341 is extra difficult on ling, does 42 damage.

I won't lie, this ender isn't easy at first. But give it a bit of practice, and you can score some respectable damage on her combos. (one of her weaker traits)
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I'm gonna just ask here - That command grab of Kazumi's f+3+4, b+1+2 it only does 10 dmg but wallsplats, just seems like it should give more dmg for something so slow. I feel like I'm missing something there? Is there something else you can during it like a chain throw or something?

-ah...it's a mid.

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