Bryan's top 10 moves

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What are your opinions on Bryan's top 10? Be sure to provide reasons as to why.
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This is moreso my favorites than his best, but i'll go I guess.

1) qcb+3- unseeable low with pretty good frames on hit, and not launch punishable IIRC

2) b+1- nice mid pressure tool, and it's an elbow

3) b+4- nice mid, gives free JU at the wall and basically safe away from the wall for most characters

4) JU- Can't turn down a safe 14 frame launcher lol

5) uf+4- Safe mid low crushing launcher

6) f, f+4- I personally love this move. Homing and it can be a whiff punisher.

7) df+1 series- I love this move. Has to be HC though.

8) 3, 2, 1- A favorite mid string of mine. Mid and low extensions too.

9) d+2, 3- A nice mid and you can finish it for a W! if you make a good read.

10) qcb+4- My go to ground hitting mid. Launches for decent damage too.
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My top 10:
1) qcb+2(good whiff punish, good range, hitdetect., setups, couse deleyble and has cont. qcb+2,4 - oponent on the 2nd hit must ducking)
2) qcb+3(good low fast poke, -13 on block, advantage on hit, mixups with qcb+2_qcb+4)
3) ws+3(i10, CH JG, knee)
4) d/f+1(-5 can ss, or contin. String, deleyble)
5) u/f+4(safe, crush, big hitbos)
6) f+3(0 on block, CH JG, mixups with taunt)
7) d/f+2(good poke, has contin.string, 2 var. Then can ss)
8) qcb+4_f4,1 (good whiff punish, big range hitbox)
9) f,b+2(-14 punish, safe, free JG with taunt)
10) b+4(good safe press near wall, can ss then this move, has guarantie)
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qcb+3 is -14 and ws+3 is i12 .
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Taunt JU
Taunt B4

And ultimate megamove qcb2!!!! That move is on my top 5 moves of the whole game, it is freaking awesome, and i spam it a lot!
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I've compiled a list of 10 moves that suit different moves, I notice a lot of people just tend to list pokes but I've explained my rationale on certain moves below, even if they aren't pokes.
Old thread but here goes:

qcb+4 -
Excellent launcher and on shallow hit a lot of characters struggle to punish it on block. Also hits grounded and allows Bryan to get out safely off a LOT of moves and general knockdown.
Also taggable.

f,b+2 (Jet Upper) -
It's a 14 frame launcher and when you induce medium to large whiffs via sidestepping, you're going to tear someone open.
Also taggable.

qcb+2,4 -
Hit confirmable string that does a shit ton of damage, excellent range on the qcb+2, doesn't jail and the second hit is high but it's hit confirmable so who cares.
Also on hit a d+4 is guaranteed in next to most cases.
Huge damage as a bound move as well, since the 4 from this string is modelled after his ff+4 homing move it also has the built in side step left, so if you're ever off axis to the right it can be used to get back on axis to still do acceptable damage for Bryan's standards.

qcb+3 -
Huge damage low, +4 on hit, knocks down on counter, -13~-14 on block so you have to be cautious vs Raven, Kaz, Bruce, Jin etcetera.
Great tool for slicing away at people who are playing a little too defensive at times, just don't go overboard with it vs people who are on point with punishment, even if they play a character that can't launch it.

f,f+4 -
One of my favourite homing moves, here's why:
- Knocks down on normal and counter-hit.
- Wall splats on counter-hit.
- Huge damage bind move for juggles
- Built in Side Step Left, so can be used to evade moves and a great way to evade launchers when you raw tag Bryan in, also in a lot of cases you're going to get qcb+4 with him most of the time, they can't tech it on normal hit but can on counter-hit now (nerfed from Tekken 6 but it's still a REALLY good move in my mind).

Taunt -
Free follow-ups, if you have the execution to taunt jet upper, it can really scare people playing against Bryan, even if you don't though f+14, 23, d/f+12 are all moves are great for building momentum or f+214 for damage while you work your way up to taunt jet upper or taunt b+4.
You can't use it as much as in previous games due to the tracking nerf, a lot of people ask "how do I stop my opponents from attacking me out of taunt" the answer is you're taunting at the wrong time, a lot of matches it's NOT the right move to be throwing out, but when it is, you're getting SERIOUS damage, 141 damage at the wall? no problem.

1+2 -
17 frames, so a bit on the slow side, but safe on block, and on counter-hit leaves them backturned, giving Bryan some potentially nasty followups if you already know they're gonna try and recover via d/b to backturn cancel, or you can just take the d+4 on block.
Commonly seen used after his b+1 which is +3~+4 on block to scare people into thinking twice about side stepping.
It's a mid homing move, can't go wrong.

b+4 -
-9 on block, so safe, mid move that guarantees a free ff+2 (which wallsplats by the way) or a Jet Upper at the wall if you're not confident going for max damage with ff+2 for the wall splat.
Even the thought of this move scares a lot of people with their back to the wall if they've been on the receiving end of Bryan before.

ff+2 -
Great whiff punishment tool due to how long the range is, knocks down, huge damage, is high though so you should only really be using it when someone whiffs a move from far away.

qcf+1+2 -
Another great whiff punishment tool for the top end of medium range where qcb+4 won't hit, commonly seen to be used as a raw tag punish when Jet Upper won't reach, also seen more often than ff+2 as a raw tag punish since if they duck or crouch jab or go into a stance upon getting their character on screen, it'll still hit.
Also a counter-hit launcher, -12 on block though and for poking he has better options so it's only used really for the above reasons given.
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TOP 10 Moves in my own opinion;

b+1 - Mid, frame advantage +3 and CH full Combo, downfall is that it is a bit slow and is linear.

qcb+3 (Swayback 3) - -14 on block, power low with great DMG, on CH KND and can get free follow-up qcb+4 for instance.

1+2 - it is a bit slow at 17f but it generally has it's purposes to cancel out sidesteps and on CH put's them BT, extension 1+2,2 is -13~14 but is NC.

ff+4 - This homing move is great for bounds and general neutral game. Very damaging and can get d+4 guaranteed at some axis's, more of the time qcb+4 is used.

qcb+2,4 - Amazing whiff punisher and as ff+4 can get d+4 guaranteed at angled axis. Very hit confirmable and the most damaging bound move he has, also has a in-built sidestep to his left. On CH he gets a wall splat or a very KND spin which is far distance.

qcb+4 - Tracks to his left, good for whiff punishing or punishing moves like b+3 (ASUKA, Jun) Tag bufferable and hit's grounded.

TAUNT, Taunt Dash and it's follow-ups - Taunt is a good way of getting your wall game up on check, can be used in the open if they don't space a lot, then there is the execution side of Taunt. He has Taunt Jet upper, and b+4, both are JF in themselves and not as easy to pull off as other easy follow-ups like 1,4, 2,3 or df+2,1. f+2,1,4 is i15, it is not a JF but the timing is a little more stricter. Be careful as using this on the wall as it has no tracking and can get interrupted, in a situation where you think they are going to interrupt, use f+3, qcf+3 or b+4, sometimes 1+2 if you predict a step.

qcf+3 - Only -10 and it's extention qcf+3,4 is also -10. CH gives full combo and is +4 on hit. Start up is very fast at i12 (From FC) and 13~14 from using the QCF motion.

db+3 - Great crushing, amazing low poke but it is -1 on hit, +4 on CH. Can bait a few people to ws+3 at times as you are FC.

df+1 series - Tracks to the right, -10 on block (All 1 is -10, the ending 2 is -15) Very delayable and very hit confirmable. Don't be scared to throw this out at times if you think they are going to step right.

Deserve-able moves that need mentioning:

wr+3 - Heavy frame advantage but is linear like b+1, USE CAREFULLY
f+b~N+2 (Jet Uppercut) - Knows as Jet Upper, i14 and is a SAFE HIGH launch at -7 and tag bufferable.
f+3 - Mid, Tracks to his right like df+1 but safe, CH full launch and only +1 on hit.
b+2,1~U or D - This cancel is good against the wall as a TA filler, normally the filler is b+2,1~U f+4,1 or qcf+3,4
b+4 - Being a Mid, Safe at -9 and get's guaranteed follow-up like fF+2 or Jet Upper at the wall, normally used after a Taunt.

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