Collecting some feedback from TZ's Bryan players

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Hi there everyone, I've got a PC to use again so I'll be working on Bryan's TZ Wiki again, after some activity in the Q&A thread it's quite clear people have different opinions on some of his tools and how they should be used, I don't want to post misinformation or something a large portion of the more experienced Bryan users disagree with, so I wanted to get some community input.

Some of these have obvious answers, I can answer these all myself but I want to hear what everybody else believes as well so we can have a solid page that we can feel satisfied with sending people curious about the character to

If anyone could answer these questions for me, it'd be appreciated, not a trick or anything, I just want to see what people's opinions are:

1 - Which moves do you believe Bryan should ideally be using around range 0, 1 and 2? Please explain why

2 - After learning him as a character what advice would you give to potentially new Bryan players regarding focusing on the wrong things, did you ever feel like you invested too much time practicing something of his that wasn't as beneficial as something else you could have done? (Trying to learn Taunt Jet Upper before you could backdash cancel for example)

3 - Assuming two equally skilled opponents, on average how much do you feel like Bryan dictates the flow of the round? (By this I mean spacing, forcing your opponent to pitbull/turtle for example)

4 - His Taunt, can you at least do Taunt into Jet Upper or b+4 consistent enough to use it in matches and feel confident?

5 -
If you can: how much do you feel like this benefits him as a whole, has this changed how you play him at all?
If you can't: do you feel like he's still fairly strong even without you doing these follow-ups, how has playing a tauntless Bryan affected how you play with him, would you play him any different if you could?
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1) at close range, jabs, f+3, ws+3, df+1 string, db+3, db+4, df+2 strings. I use df+2,3 a lot which is a bad habit.
medium range a bit more 3+4, d+4, standing 4
further away, fff+3 qcb+2,4, qcb+4, b+1, d+4, ff+4

2) most people focus much too much on taunt jet upper etc. there are things which are much more important to have down execution-wise - magic 4 combo, ff+4 bound, b+4,ff+2. try and learn how to win with the character before you learn real high level execution based stuff. don't just try and replicate korean play - they are able to play like that because the fundamentals of spacing and defense are second nature to them at this point.

3) kinda depends what the other person wants to do. he's strong at controlling range, not so strong up close. whether you can dictate the match so that you can maintain that distance or punish the other person for coming in is up to you.

4) b+4 moreso than jet upper, but yes.

5) no? I'd just do (and still do sometimes) taunt f+214 or even taunt f+1,4 in the situations where the bigger taunt stuff is free. it's just about the rewards. regardless, a totally tauntless bryan is very pointless. you should at least do the easy stuff.
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1) range 0
jabs d/b+3 d4 F+3=ch potential d/f+2,1=fast B+4@Wall magic 4= I believe that it is easier to connect with fF+1

Range 1
Forward jabs \\ Db+3 D4 \\ D/F +4 cuts step ideally, not something you would use in your face.
321 strings stop opponents in their tracks with abit of low mid mind games, last hit used sparringly
Magic 4
QCB2,4 nc potential with opponent being backturned on wakeup at times for oki with qcb4
qcb+3 good low . New opponents may mistake for qcb 4 so they rather take the low

QCB4 no1 seems to punish it now
FF4 fast step killer, able to mix with the slower FF3
FF2 for ranged whiffs which I think jet upper maynot connect

2) Learn to step and backdash whiffed moves. Analyse his moves and see the risk/rewards. Do not use D+3,2 334 unless in combos, you get high crushed for free

3) I feel that bryan is a mix of both but I feel he is more likely to make opponents sidestep more as his homing moves are generally slow or high

4)No, have not practiced

5)I have hardly used his taunt because of lack of practice but he is still good enough without it. I hardly see knee do taunts into combos anymore. Well, if I could get JU taunt consistently up to 50% in any settings I would

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