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Originally posted by Runemaster
Yeah people are saying Jack is low tier but i'm almost always seeing him made it in top 8 in most tournaments

Btw, any tips to getting emgf connect consistently after ff1? Should I delay the emgf input a bit after ff1 hits?

Buffer the input during ff1.
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Actually you need to start doing EMGF when jack has almost landed back his right leg (P1 side).... Until that time jack need to be at neutral state.
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Jack is placed B on most Japanese and Korean tier lists, funny how Jack is appearing everywhere in a top 8 or even takes 1st places.
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Well, in Knee's recent tier list, he divided the tier list in two: Deathmatch (for longer matches) and Tournament (for shorter matches).
He placed Jack in B tier for Deathmatch and S tier in Tournament.


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god i wish jack had his dr db 1+2 1+2 launcher
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Are there any secret setups with jack that most people dont know about
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