Is Namco serious??

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I quite like the design on the new girl, though her third outfit looks a bit basic. It's kinda like they just threw some random TTT2 customization pieces on her.
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Fixed tier list for Lili players only needs 2 tiers, one tier with all the chars better than Lili and a second one with just Lili.
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This character in flamingo stance looks similar to Sarah Bryant from Virtua Fighter.
Originally posted by SSfox
CF: True Tekken Character Design = Non Anime design + Martial Arts movesets Aka All Characters T1 to 5.

Unfortunately that's wrong. All mishimas have anime style hairs and Tekken always had bears(That are definitely not martial artists).

The only fighting franchise that all characters were realistic martial artists was Virtua Fighter. Tekken was always unrealistic.(Even Tekken 4 which was the most realistic style Tekken game had some anime things in them like Yoshimitsu flying with his sword)
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The new girl looks like an actual Tekken character.
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Originally posted by dodecadozen
^^ This character is probably gonna replace Hwoarang in the mobile version.

Nice design. I'd love to see this in T7. Make her Baek's daughter, give her an adapted version of Baek's movelist, and put her in one of the S2 DLC slots. Gonna sell like mad.

+ Baek fans can get some closure too.

Sounds like a good explanation...... hope they leave the new Tekken Mobile characters out tho... save em for TTT3 or T8, where they can actually give them a respectful backstory
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Originally posted by SSfox
New character coming to Tekken mobile

I've always wanted a female character that has a Tifa vibe on her, but for a main Tekken game, not a Sh1tty a$$ mobile game.... Well anyway, Bambai is bambai i guess.

God what Namco is thinking to achieve right here SMFH?????

(That's not OT, since my reaction to this was same as the title of this thread)

she looks like asuka with long hair. i don't get the hype of her image by so many. -_- i get the hype of her possibly having baek's moves.
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Originally posted by AnnaWilliamWins
she looks like asuka with long hair. i don't get the hype of her image by so many. -_-

I guess a lot of people dreamed of asuka with longer hair, longer face, and longer legs. And now, that dream has come true.
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