Tekken 7 FR: Random Rants, Chits, and Chats VOL VI

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I'll just let this here ^^

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Originally posted by Climbing Dragon
Wonkey stays silent about all hype and positive news? Obviously Michael Murray has no idea what he's talking about.

Of course Wonkey is in on all the information. Namco ain't telling us shit so someone else has to do their job for them. As far as I can see, Wonkey only tweets or posts information he deems valuable to the entire Tekken community, even if it's something inconvenient from Namco's perspective (like leaks).

yea... kind of lame on Murray's part.... Wonkey constantly updates avoidingthepuddle with info for nothing.... TWT tickets, balance notes, hyping Soul Calibur relentlessly before and after the launch...2.11 patch dropped, and until Wonkey uploads the details, I have no clue wtf its about

The Tekken pot being so low is an issue...... but Greed is starting to look like the real issue
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Their whole attitude and the way they communicate with fans is so strange and dysfunctional...not telling us jack then getting all huffy and thin skinned if they think somebody's making them look bad. They're managing that all by themselves!

Now contrast that to the capcom DMC pair...Itsuno and Walker. "Yay! DMC is back! Old devil arms! Live action cutscenes! Buster breakers! Heck we'll even fix Dante's theme tune!"

Another example - Ed Boon. That guy is like a true trickster god of mischief, really knows how to use Twitter and actually has a sense of humor as well.
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Yeah, when it comes to communication Bamco are still far behind others (except when it comes to anime games). Which was even way, like waaaaaaaaaaaaaay worse when the game was in the Arcade only.

I think the problem with Harada and Murray is that they're not allowed to say something until they got the pass card from some gods above them at Bamco, Ed Boon always seemed to have an absolute freedom on how he communicate about his games, something that may not be the case with Harada and Murray, or maybe that's not the case and if so they really that shitty in communication? (how is it even possible at this point?)

(And BTW GREAT NEW they're changing Dante's Theme, sry but the one they made before was just way so terrible lol)
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The fact that Harada-Boy and specially The Murray Doll™ both suffer from communication issues and overwhelming lack of hype development when it comes to announcements (or the lack of announcements I'd say) ain't news at all.

However, I'd like to remind you all that when it comes to the "leaks" devs-inside perspective, they take this topic very seriously. And I'm with them when it comes to this. Your superiors/bosses at your can become so annoying and even dangerous to your status in the company when a leak happens, regardless it's been either a big or small one. They usually blame you for being unable to "spot" him though the preventive measures also harada as the director of the project have developed (and long ago developed) in order to discover the leaker in his own team before it happens. However, and jut just like everything in life, these methods are not perfect, and Harada, just like evrybody else in the industry, has a success ratio at preventing leaks of just about 2%..

I mean guys. When a leak happens all blame falls on Harada's and The Doll's shoulders, and of course they get penalties for it. We have to be considerate towards them when it comes to this topic, and you all know me that I'm not precisely the most benevolent one when it comes to talking about these two, specially after they adopted them "don't ask me for shit" attitude that definitely made both look like a couple of self entitled fucks.
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Leaks are unfortunate, for both developers and fans alike, but they happen. These days it's hard to keep anything a secret. People will always discover shit in game files and whatnot.

The problem here is that Michael Murray got butthurt at Wonkey for giving fans information because Bamco themselves were incapable of doing so. So they're just putting the blame on someone else because they can't handle their own jobs properly.
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Of all fighting games i played in PS4, with exception of MKX at its launch T7 has by far the worst netcode, even TTT2 netcode was way better.

"Arcade allow us to make the best and most complete console version of all"

Yet: SC6 from the same company with a lower budget and no 5 years arcade cycle has a decades better netcode and a replay feature.

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