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Sensei Zaibatsu
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As you can see the Spanish Forums have been migrated under the match finder forums. Due to low activity across all these forum I felt it was better just to consolidate those forums into one Match Finder forum going forward.

All the posts of the main forum and the Tekken 6 forum were migrated here, the rest of the old Spanish forums were pruned as they barely had any new posts in the past year. Feel free to continue to the usual discussions here, it does not have to be directed solely to match making as far as I am concerned.
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Lord TKD
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if unfortunately, has not been much activity in the Spanish forum.
watch for any activity which in this forum

Greetings from a distance

El Lord
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2nd Dan
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Activity was so low that I thought this section could be eventually removed.
Fortunately for us that wasn't the case. A migration of the entire Spanish Forum was way better choice.

Thanks to the Zaibatsu Staff!


???Aprovecho tambi?n la oportunidad, (M?S ALL? del cl?sico teke que teke de fin de a?o) para saludar fraternalmente a TODA la comunidad de habla hispana que disfruta jugar Tekken!!!
War Lord
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This happened because many countries have created their own website and forum, so users has decreased, Greetings to all.
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Greetings Tekken players of South America.
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so nice Forum ........
Signature imran ali
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Greetings! I'm just searching this forum if there is any life, so I thought I'd just share to everyone here some Tekken Tag Tournament 2 casual play. I would hope that this community may check out the players, characters they use, compare techniques, and form a community with some of our North American players.

Here are some casual matches I have taped.

I hope you will all enjoy... NOTE: This video was recorded in a gaming environment so you will hear a lot of background voices.
7th Dan
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