Raven's top 10 moves.

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What are your opinions on Raven's top 10? Remember to proivde reason as to why.
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I just started playing Raven last saturday so my knowledge is still very shallow. He's a fun character to use.

In no particular order:

1) df+1 - Decent poke that I usually use to get my offense going.
2) 2~3 and 2~4 - Mix em up.
3) 4~3 - Relatively safe launcher with a delayable 3 as an insurance policy
4) b+4,4 - Good for transitioning into his back turned stance. I usually delay this a bit and when they come in to attack, I usually get them with the 3+4
5) backturned 3+4 - Nice taggable launcher
6) uf+4,4 - I'm not sure if this is a mid,mid but I do have success hitting back rollers with this.
7) 1+2 - Basic GTFO move
8) 3,3,4 - Decent long range poke string. Relatively safe imho due to the distance.
9) db+4 - Panic sweep. Quick and hard to react to.
10) f,f+3 - A very cool knee move. I don't have much use for it but it's cool.
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my top 10 favorite raven moves
1. df1 - i14 0 mid poke 20 dmg, can come out from qcf~
2. ff4 - tracking, safe long range mid into limited oki
3. uf4 - low crush, safe, KD into good oki, wall splats. use follow up 4 sparingly
4. quicksand - KD low from FC that has some crush property. juggle on CH
5. FC3 - fast, good range low poke, can come out from qcf~
6. SS3 - good range, safe and chance of great reward on CH
7. WS1 - i14 WS launcher, good range
8. ff3 - long range, low crush, mid knee launcher
9. qcf4 - baiting and virtual keep out
10. d3 - quick ground hit that doesnt lose momentum during oki, can come out from qcf~
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Top ten Raven moves
1. db+2~1 - I usually rip this combo off twice in succession, in doing so you normally end up either on the side or totally behind your opponent which leads to great free punish opportunities. Plus once your opponent gets used to seeing the move you can really swap up what you can do. For instance, you could start using only db2 later on in match which will leave you with your back turned. Or I have alot of luck rolling off his tombstone throw right after landing the combo, works extremely well when opponent gets used to seeing two in succession.
2. u+4~4 - Two really quick mids which later on can become a great mix up. Once your opponent becomes comfortable with you ripping off two quick kicks only do u+4, then shoot for a throw of your choice when they expect that second kick to come. Plus it leads to opening up my number 3 move.
3. u+3~d+3~4 - Great tag assault and if your mixing up your u+4~4 well they wont expect the low. Why this move is also great is because it can be performed as ub+3~d+3~4, so you can jump back with the first kick if opponent is rushing in. Also the move can be performed as u+3~3 for opponents that have good defence on Raven you can hit them with a mid.
4. b+1+2~2 - I find this to be a great match opening move, or an offensive retreat move when you are close with an opponent thats just poking or throwing 1,2's like crazy. The damage you get out of this move is insane on counter hit, most experienced players expect the slide version so i stick to the mid ending, plus leaves you at back turn so you're sitting well, either end it with a 1+2 if they expecting a low or a f+4~3 if they expect a high or mid, regaurdless you pull this chain off you can expect them to be at or below half health.
5. {3,4} - This move I use like crazy to punish whiffs from afar, it links into an awesome combo of b+2~3, that combo can miss if you hit them at a wierd angle. The illusion backflip makes it relatively safe, I haven't been punished to bad when I get caught cause raven instantly goes in air if he is hit, so the punish combo is always some sloppy air juggle the opponent didnt expect to do.
6. qcf+2 - Low trip that can lead to tag assault, I follow up with db+2~1, ub+1~2
7. df+1+2 - Great for closing the distance if you are at sweep range or further. Plus if you get your opponent used to seeing qcf+2 this move looks alot like it with a mid attack. Might have some block stun property to it as well not 100% on that sorry.
8. 4~1 - My favorite combo starter. man this move just rips its a great match starting combo, it leaves you with your back turned, more skilled players expect the low after this so i usually end it with a 1+2, or if they dont expect the low and try to punish you can use d+3, or if you're worried about being punished use f+1+2, not always gauranteed but this is where I find most my success with his counter move.
9. qcf+1 - Great for closing the distance, awesome ch reward, get used to going right back into haze (hit 3+4 as soon as you hit) if you land a counter hit shoot for haz+4, nice tag assault.
10. ff+3 - This knee launcher not only makes Raven look bad ass but makes him a total bad ass. The knee is quick and super hard to defend when trying to juggle the distance game with raven, not to mention the combo potentials it opens up, here are mine. ff+3~ff+3~1~b+1~ B! for tag assault. for a nice solo combo ff+3~ff+3~1~b+1~b+3+4~3+4~ff+3~f+2,3.

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Been playing Raven since T6, still have a lot to learn though. These are the moves i use most:

1. 4,1 - Coming out at i12 and leading to a proper backturn mixup i completely love using this move as a punisher and as a poke. First time i do it i often follow up with 1,4 to see what the opponent does. If they try to punish and get caught by CH1,4 i can promise you - they will not do it again (crazy damage). If they just stand and block my BT mixup i like to go for a throw or d+3 (followup with ff+3 for juggle). If they duck anticipating a low you simply use uf+4 for a full launch once again.
2. uf+4,4 - Homing jumpkicks which are quick and safe. Like to use this as a roundstarter quite often. Sets up decent oki.
3. 3~4 - Not the safest launcher but i completely love it nonetheless - it has fantastic range and the combo damage potential from it is phenomenal. Make sure to play around with different combo variations with your secondary character (4~3, b+2,3~5 and then continue juggling with your secondary character). I like to use this as oki as well, catching backrollers or people who try to tag out from the ground.
4. db+2,1 - Great poke.
5. 2,4_2,3 - Great punish/poke.
6. df+2 - Very simple and decent launch punisher. Follow up with b+2,3~5 and continue raping redlife with your secondary character.
7. df+1 - Great poke. Is remarkably useful when you recognize that your df+1 hits and you continue with more risky pressure because you are at decent frame advantage.
8. b+1 - Frame advantage on block, i usually do this move when poking (for example, after a db+2,1). If it gets blocked i like to follow up with 1+2 to catch a twitching opponent.
9. df+3 - Can't believe i didn't mention this yet. Absolutely phenomenal move which highcrushes and launches on CH. Get used to recognizing when your opponent likes to jab and throw this out.
10. db+4 - Very damaging low. Almost unseeable, most opponents will have to anticipate it to block.

11. f,F+3 - I just realized i compiled a top10 movelist without including this move which is shameful of me. Sexiest move in the game, knee to the face which launches and is Raven's best whiffpunisher by far. Mix it up with db+4.
12. f+3+4,N,4,1 - Had to edit this move in - really good as a wall combo ender or just as oki.
13. QCF+4 - Jesus i can't stop myself from editing in more moves. This is a very good keepout tool.

Honorable mention: b+1+2. I LOVE starting rounds with b+1+2, 3. It does great damage if you catch a counterhit. My roundstarter of choice with Raven is: b+1+2, 3 (opponent gets tripped), wakeup 3, when you both get up qcf+1 (usually catches the opponent backrolling or getting up), b+4,4, b+2,1,4. If i get the full setup it's over half the opponents healthbar because of one unlucky guess at the start. Nonetheless, decent players do indeed know to block low after b+1+2 and launch punish my low. It's a very risky game.

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Df+1 - beefy mid, awesome tracking to ravens left, almost neutra, on block, so spam this as much as possible
Db+4 - fast low, good damage, safer than qcf2 and fc df+3+4 and gives uf3 on CH
Uf+4 - low crush mid, very safe, decent tracking, with follow up kick if required
Db+2 - fast mid move, good range, and Bt mixups as well as db+2,1 option which is almost neutral on block and gives heavy + on hit.
Bb+2 - good panic move, short range but good tracking and offers a counter. On hit, the non-counter bb2 gives oki (ff4 or uf3)
Qcf mixups - 3+4 is my favourite option due to its range and homing property. Qcf+4 for spacing. Qcf+2 for low attack with mini juggle. Can also d, df+1+4 for a long range df+1+4.
D, df, d, df mixups - benefit of this is you have more options such as fc df+3+4, and fc d+3 and ws moves. Also can be done after raven is placed fc.
Ff+4- good tracking both ways, -10 on block, and good range.
Bt b+2 - neutral on block as well as followups
Bt f+2 - mixups by using follow up 4 or 3 or delayed 3 or use none of these
These are perhaps the moves I would use in every match. Obviously with raven you would have to use more bt variety such as bt f+4,3; bt 2,1; bt f+3; bt d+4; etc
Other moves to use are ff+3 for whiff punishing, ws+1 and ws+2; b+2+4 for tagging in; the old 1,2 jabs; UT throw; 4,1 on gut shots; and many more
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ws+2: mid, safe, elbow, launch on CH for good damage. Good setup to bb+2 afterwards on block

d/f+1: delicious

d/b+2: good ranged mid, BT options afterwards, 1 option afterwards provides hesitation

bb+2: safe, reversal, good damage on hit

d/b+4: probably his best low

Undertaker: great throw, even better paired with Yoshi for red damage and safe tag =D

3,3,4: good CH tool if you anticipate someone pressing buttons when they shouldn't. Good damage

d/f+3: great high crushing move which provides excellent damage solo or the option for qcf+3 for your partner to follow up with red damage

ff+3: my favourite whiff punisher ever

qcf: represents so many options, many mixups and hesitation develop straight from here.

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