Falling Rain glitch.

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I posted this a little while ago but I just assumed that it was a practice mode glitch, but I just had it happen to me in an online match so it's pretty real.

After falling rain, generic UF 4 will NOT float the opponent if their second character has rage and they are holding 2+5 to tag crash. Instead, the opponents character will carry on falling to the floor.

The UF 4 float works just like it always has but not in the above circumstances. I have no idea why, but it just happens.

UPDATE - The glitch doesn't affect Pre-order characters. I've tried it out on both Angel and Michelle and they were floated like normal. Not sure if it'll work on DLC.

Recorded the instance on both Lars and Michelle and had a friend upload. As shown, Lars is not floated whilst Michelle is.


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I just experienced this glitch while playing online! I've tested it in practice mode and Asuka also has the same problem; the glitch works against everyone except the DLC characters and both Jun and Asuka.

Namco has to fix this!
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I did notice this when I first started playing but I just though that you may as well just change the staple combo because it wasn't always guaranteed :/ it is kinda random though for it to only work on some characters and not others. Honestly I dnt know if Namco would patch something like this.
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Unless you're playing with Jun by herself, I don't see why you would go with the "U/F-N-4" option after FR in the first place. I always tag out to my second character after it succeeds to shave off some red life which (IMO) is a better option than leaving them with more to recover. Additionally, most characters I've come across are able to deal more damage after FR with their tag-ins than if Jun was by herself.
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It's still a glitch, so I think it should be fixed. I also tend to tag out after FR except if Jun has rage.
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This is interesting. I'll also test this one for other DLC characters because you only posted the DLC females. I'm curious if there are any other glitches like this that are exclusive to a set group of characters because regardless if the move is useless or not, this could have a chain reaction.

EDIT: I tried it with a raged Ancient Ogre and Miharu, with tag crash programmed. No glitch.

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I usually take red life with it, but Asuka does less damage from FR anyway

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