Is this combo possible in Tekken Tag 2?

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+ Since I rarely have the chance to play PS3, I use my PSP with Tekken 6 con CFW cheat to practice so I dont know if this combo works in TTT2 or not. Plz test it for me
df+2 f,f+3,f ws2 BT 1+2 B! f,f+3,f +1,2
+My input: df+2 ff+3,f,u,n(Dew Glide cancel) d,df+2 BT 1+2 B! ff+3,f +1,2

Its 85 damages in T6, works on both Marduk and Lili

+These are the cheats I used:

_C0 LIL BT+1+2 B!
_L 0xE01D001E 0x004078B4
_L 0xE01D01BF 0x00407A18
_L 0xE01D0000 0x004085F8
_L 0xE0050006 0x3040864C
_L 0xE004000B 0x2040864C
_L 0xE001086A 0x004078E2
_L 0x20408654 0x086F4894
_L 0xE0010875 0x004078E2
_L 0x20408654 0x087A0494
_L 0xE004000B 0x0040864C
_L 0xE001483C 0x00408654
_L 0x20408654 0x086F48EC
_L 0xE001043C 0x00408654
_L 0x20408654 0x087A04EC
_C1 LIL f,f+3,D/F
_L 0xE01D001E 0x004078B4
_L 0xE01D0198 0x00407A18
_L 0x60407964 0x00000015
_L 0x00020001 0x0000004C
_L 0xE0060016 0x00407940
_L 0x20407D10 0x00000016
_L 0xE0040008 0x00407D30
_L 0xE001D0B4 0x00407964
_L 0x20407D24 0x086FB63C
_L 0xE0018CB4 0x00407964
_L 0x20407D24 0x087A723C
<-- I dont have f,f+3,f cheat so I use this instead.

Thanks in advance

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