TEKKEN 7 - Kuma / Panda Character Reveal Trailer

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Originally posted by Ring4200
I'm just pray for Julia Chang or Lei Wulong, but Kuma he looks really awesome, with the Tekken-Armor-Soldier-Force.

I'm all for Kuma - always enjoyed the character..

But heeeeellllllll no if it takes a spot over someone like Lei....

Screw Julia, she's freakin lame
Jay Schüler
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Admittedly I'm a little miffed. Never was a big fan of Kuma even though I love bears. But Kuma is a Tekken staple. It would be weird not seeing him in a Tekken game.
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This makes me very happy it means at least one of my mains has returned.
Love the new stuff Bears seem much better suited to the Screw system than the old Bound one.

We're still missing so many characters though Baek, Wang, Anna, Kuni, Changs, Capos, Ganny, Lei.
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Anna, Julia & Lei are probably the three most likely to make it in..

I'm happy the bears are back though. ^_^
March of Tyranny
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Hmm if there are 3 left I'm calling Lei Jules Mokujin. Also going to be interesting to see how the bears get differentiated.

It's going to be weird to see Anna all peacocked out with Kat there all peacocked out. That's a lot of peacock.

Unless somehow Kat becomes a rival of Anna as well. Anna's like 'Beyotch I was wearing these peacocks and acting like a hussy when you were still living in a testicle, BACK OFF MY MOTIF.'

(Anna would totally say that shit too before whipping out a rocket launcher.)

I scribbled a Tekken Retrospective.
Originally posted by Kane:
they named it matterhorn because lili's uphill battle in tekken is the highest mountain to climb.
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There's like 8 spaces left on the character select after Kuma and Panda.
I reckon Lei, Christie, Armor King, Julia Chang, Anna and Mokujin. Dunno about the last 2.
I can't see Wang, Bruce, Marduk, Baek, Zafina or Ganryu being in there but you never know.
I'd love them to add Kunimitsu personally.
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I don't get how the hell characters like kuma still can be in the game, while there are so many beloved leftovers. Where is kunimitsu? :O

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