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1st Dan
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Originally posted by Mishima Style!
anyone remember that episode of south park where the whole nation starts putting food up its ass only to shit it out of its mouth.

thats what all this reminds me of. namco decided to shove capcom up its ass and expect a healthy game to come out the other end.

you fail namco.

even if they make 2 different versions of the game it wont help bring the 2Ders and 3Ders together. The sf kids will play the 2d and the tekken kids will play the 3d. Its a waste of time. only thing thats gonna save tekken x streetfighter is a TTT engine. No walls and Tag Combos.

k thx


It makes anyone who's into both 3D and 2D fighers wet dream come true and sparks a load of rivalry at the same time. I'd say it's a good idea making this game.
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i have the feeling that it would fail, but still im a player of Tekken and Street Fighter, so why would i not play it
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2nd Dan
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#23 “Quote” Edit Post
AAAAAH, Lack of information is killing me. I'm super curious to see how this mix will be....
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Can't Wait for TTT2...
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Originally posted by Kazuya Reaver
Not bad at all for now. Little disappointed that Kazuya is not the main here too like he is in SFxT. I knew they would bring Evil Ryu into the mix and I was really hoping it would be a great opportunity for Devil Kazuya to make a comeback to balance but eh well, still sounds very promising despite personal gripes. Can't wait!

Refurbished Devil Kazuya would be the sickest of sickest things i have ever seen in my life. Like sicker than anything ever. Exept Vagrant Story.....but that's still pretty effin sick.
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1st Dan
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Man I cant wait for this game to come out it looks like it wont be out anytime soong though that suck
Flying Wonkey
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Finally something....


-Ryu's stance
-Chun Li's stance
-Shoryuken move
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1st Dan
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Originally posted by Baraka
Finally something....


-Ryu's stance
-Chun Li's stance
-Shoryuken move

We want to see the Hadouken now, heh.
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#28 “Quote” Edit Post
im curious, but not craving to see both games....SFxT ill never play it, TxSF, maybe...but i wont buy it...all these craps make TTT2 take more months to hit console
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Flying Wonkey
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Ugh Hope we actually get to see something in the upcoming comic-con
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Not likely, since the game is 0% done according to Harada in a recent interview.

On the plus side, he says Tekken Project is looking for character requests for TxSF, so now would be the time to have your requests heard.
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They need to put in those characters that won't be seen in SFxT. Is gan/ehonda available in SFxT?
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Hunted ZA
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I hope TxSF uses GGPO netcode.
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From the looks of Street Fighter X Tekken , namco's Tekken X street fighter should be rocking i guess.... however Harada san is pretty much busy with his current project that is Tekken Tag Tournament 2
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Flying Wonkey
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#34 “Quote” Edit Post

Maybe it might be a good idea for console release first for western regions......
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Flying Wonkey
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Meh its interesting. Don't know who the guy is though.

Also some new artwork from the team for Ryu and Chun Li.


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Planet Robobear
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#36 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Hunted ZA
I hope TxSF uses GGPO netcode.

Not going to happen.

Also, neither is Ganryu:

Hint: Ganryu will not included in TKxSF Roster. RT @King_Yagbolz tekken x street fighter any hints?

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Iron Fist God
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#38 “Quote” Edit Post
I'm praying to god Namco takes this game very seriously and leaves out the retarded characters.
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1st Dan
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Played this game the other day and was surprized weve been having tekken turnys out here since tek 3 and we had fun with this one cant wait to see tekken x street fighters

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Mokujin Man
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Originally posted by Jordyce
Not going to happen.

Also, neither is Ganryu:


Ganryu isn't in because Devil Ganryu will be.

Dammit I wanted Ganryu in. I got my Akuma vs Kuma, so now I want my Ganryu vs Ryu. lol just kidding about that, but I do want ganryu in cause he's one of my mains.
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