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I haven't played a Tekken since T5 (vanilla) so I've missed quite a lot. I was wondering if anyone could summarize what Lili's top 10 moves are now. What her best go-to tools and perhaps a brief note on why?

Is uf+3 still as amazing as it was? How about d+3+4?
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uf+3 has been nerfed (I think most hopkicks have been nerfed across the board), but it is still a decent punish/launcher.

d+3+4 is a good high crush, but pretty punishable on block. I don't have the frame information off the top of my head, but there are other threads here with that info.

Personally (and I am no pro, by far) I find the following to be very useful (in no particular order):

uf3+4 to close in - You can frame trap and follow up with 4. You can finish the move with 3+4 for the launcher, which will likely catch high mashers. You can also just do the uf3+4 to gain position and follow up with pokes or throw.

df+1 - Still a solid poke.

3,2 - good advance, fairly safe.

1+2 - good whiff punish.

FC1 - I use this to setup my ws moves. If I want to gain distance after the FC1, I ws4 or ws3. ws3 recovers faster, but doesn't push as far back as ws4. Also, FC1 into ws1,2,4 (mixup stopping at ws1,2 to get your opponent to crouch for launchers) is pretty nice.

b1,4 - good CH string. The 4 is delayable and un-steppable.

A lot of it depends on your playstyle too. I'm sure in the T6 boards there are some top 10 discussions there (although the new moves/properties won't be there).
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These are the moves Ive been using a lot so far Im looking to improve so if anyone has any suggestions/better options please let me know.

uf+3 I noticed that it doesnt quite go as far anymore. I hear that its also punishable on block now but I havent tested.
df+1 still a great move
1,2 nice quick string
df+4,4 been using this for wake up as well as a straight poke. I know its kinda slow, and you can see it but Ive been getting away with it.
1+2 fast mid punisher
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10 is too few. I'll do 20. In no particular order:

1. 1,2 - Quick 10f poke with lots of frame advantage
2. 2,4 - Amazing 10f punisher that will KND and W! on hit. Also safe on block. Great for frame traps near the wall. Somewhat lacking range.
3. u/f+3 - Nerfed to -13 on block, but still an amazing hopkick. Deadly when paired with her amazing side-step
4. d/f+1 - Quick mid poke with nice frame advantage on hit
5. d/f+3 - Amazing, amazing CH launcher with frame advantage on block.
6. qcf+3+4 - Great pressure move with lots of frame advantage on block, somewhat tracks, and crushes lows.
7. d/f+3+4 - Nerfed so that you can't block jabs after it unless you do the followup, but it's still a great long-ranged whiff punisher and backroll catcher.
8. b+1,4 - Kinda unsafe at -11, but still a great string. Delayable, W!, KND
9. f+2,3 - NC on regular hit now. KND, W!, i13, only -10 IIRC? Very good.
10. 1+2 - 12f punisher. Kind of bad range, and it's quite unsafe, but it gives KND and lots of damage.
11. All of BT - So many oki possibilities with BT stance. Learn them all.
12. ff+4 - Kind of slow, kind of weird with tracking, but it's a very hard to see low, does quite a bit of damage, and gives a hefty amount of frame advantage on hit.
13. d+3 - Also a hard to see low, but much easier to land. Less frame advantage and damage, though.
14. u/f+3+4,3_u/f+3+4,3+4 - Really underrated move, IMO. u/f+3+4,3 is NC on CH and does decent damage, the 3+4 follow up will launch button-happy people for a ridiculous amount of damage.
15. d+3+4 - High crushing launcher that gives Lili's maximum damage. Death on block, but it's a great panic button if you think a high is coming.
16. 3+4 - Kind of easy to avoid, but it's safe on block, crushes everything, and is a lot easier to combo with now that BT 1+2 bounds. Good for starting off the round if you know your opponent is going to throw something out.
17. WS 2 - Launch punisher for highs you've ducked.
18. d/f+2 - Somewhat interchangeable with her hopkick. A bit slower, but it has better range.
19. f+3 - Kind of shitty for a homing move, with its bad range and being somewhat slow, but it's a homing move nonetheless.
20. FC d/f+3_d,d/f+3 - Very fast low slide that launches on CH and has lots of range.

There's a few other moves that I like too, but I think this is more than enough for anyone new to Lili to play with.
Joined: Sep 2012
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Trike> Thanks so much for your list -- I'll have a few hours to play today so I'll definitely be trying those moves out. I should be using her d+3+4 when anticipating a high punch from now on (I'm convinced her reversal is garbage). Also, her 3+4 doesn't really crush everything.... does it?
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The crush frames aren't instant of course, but she jumps waaaay above the opponent, which is why it'll catch a lot of moves people do at the beginning of the round. I don't know if crush is the proper term for it, but it puts her high enough into the air to avoid pretty much everything. It's not super reliable, it's a gimmick, really, but I like it. It's also really good for hitting annoying low stances.
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We call it a super tech jump in SC. This "crush" terminology is counterintuitive imo. Moves that technically avoid lows or highs don't "crush" them, they jump over them or crouch under them, respectively, therefore they're called "tech crouches" or "tech jumps." But you tekken guys are weird, so whatever.
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Crushing a move sounds manlier than evading a move and this is tekken, which has fighting bears. RAAAAWWWRRRRGGGHHH!

Anyway, I wanted to ask about QCF 3+4, seems a good pressure tool yet its on no lists (save one that recommends 3+4 as well, lol), how so?

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qcf3+4 is a good move ... definitely on my top 10.
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Originally posted by Lukmendes
I honestly wonder if Kane has a list of "Why Lili sucks" on his computer, to avoid having to write the same things over and over again .
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Just started using lili, this is my top 10

1, 2_2, 4 - 10 frame punishers. 2, 4 is good for wall splat but becareful with it, second hit is duckable.

f+2, 3 - 13 frame punisher and also a good whiff punisher...slightly hit confirmable

d/f+1 - The main mid poke of lili. only -1 on block which cann be beneficial to sidesteppers and backdashers

d+3 - This move isn't bad at all, i should use it more often actually. It tracks and is +1 on hit and not launch punishable.

ff+4 - Her best low in my opinion. Also not launch punishable, +3 great for pressure, and just on the border line of seeable and unseeable

d/f+3 - Its simple, any time you knock your opponent down, when they tech start with this move and get +3 ^.^ great move plus juggle on counter hit.

f+3 - Homing move, its not great but it has uses.

1+2 - A good 12 frame punisher that wall splats. Good at the wall for sure.

qcf 3+4 - +6 great for pressure. if your opponent sidesteps after this throw in f+3 to stop that.

d/f 3+4 - Its changed from a safe tool to a guessing game. however its still a launcher and probably my most used one.

Honorable Mentions
f+4 - virtually safe now, tracks well to one side. and wall splats, dangerous at the wall.

b+1, 4 - NC and wall splats, be careful though its -11.
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