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2nd Dan
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I am a new tekken player but i have played tekken 1 now i am playing tekken 5 DR PSP

I want to learn who is the best character in the game that does not involve - odd key imputs like (b,f,d/f)

So I found beak! Any good advise on how to use him i can beat legends - tekken lord with him

But i want to learn new combos so i came here

Please give me some advise on what is the beat combo and what is the easiest combo but do decent damage

Also who else in tekken is good as moves that cover low high and lots of juggles

Thanks you very much
will touch u gently
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if you are looking for a character w/ easy directional input, then you have found the wrong character.

Baek's movement is anything but easy. He has all the movement of mishimas + weird FLA WD/SS, so it takes even more time to learn all these stuff.

And please, read before you post. I don't understand how you can miss the juggle/combo thread in front of your face before you created a new post.

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