Juggles With Damage

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will touch u gently
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HAHA, thanks. I get lucky often.
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Sorry I read about 6 pages and I'm tired and going to bed, but have any of you got a reliable combo for (f3),3?

the old
(f3,)3, df1, 1, and so fourth does sometime hit, but it's insanely unreliable.

likewise sometimes df1, 2, works and sometimes it dosn't.
Is it a range issue or a hit box issue?
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I'd assume you're hitting it at max range, making some of the followups whiff. It sounds like (f3)3, df1, 1 f+1+2 b! is consistant, while sometimes (f3) 3, df1, 1, b11, f1+2 b! is more inconsistant? If so, I'd bank on range.

But regardless, f3,3 isn't a move I'd recommend using often.
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