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MAC-(Bruce Lee)
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hey peeps...look man im not even gonna act like things r goin fine...or good and there anyway..laws legend kick or fly kick is garateed...i mean i would hate 2 think dat da fly kick dat was perfected by da legend is almost useless in tekken.....i have 2 know...cuz though i connect dis most sometimes....THERE IS NOTHING LIKE CONNECTING A DA FLY KICK!!! will....even da electric god fist..does not players help u can tell by my extremly pissed at dis problem.....i play in NJ at 8 on da an ok player and i don't post need help man.........LAW.
Signature MAC--(Bruce lee)
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i PM'd you about this did you recieve my e-mail?

edit: crap, this is tekken 4, mah bad -.-'

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