Rushdown, Mixups, Setups, and Defense

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With the opponent's back to the wall,

db+2,4, BT 1,2,3

The second hit of db+2,4 will crush most anything they do after db+2, it is probably a truly uninterruptable string, although I can not say it is for sure since I have not really tested it. I just like to use it since it works.

After both hits of db+2,4 are blocked, there is some guard stun, and Law recovers a bit of distance away from them. The perfect time to use BT 1,2,3, which will lead to a full wallsplat on counter hit. 1,2,3 from back turned will still come out as if it was from normal stance.

db+2, BT 3

BT 3 is somewhat of a mixup after db+2,4 has been used a couple of times. BT 3 will wallsplat. Really simple. BT 3 is a high, but is safe on block. BT 3 is very quick, which is needs to be wince db+2 is -4 on block, the same as 2,2 and b+4,b blocked.

Those are really just alternatives to what I mainly use at the wall, though, which is

db+3 into a quick poke_3+4

db+3 is the go to move for Law at the wall, I think, unless your opponent is suicidal, or just unaware of the danger the wall poses. Good opponents can get hit by a ton of db+3s in a row. But, typically, they might try to low jab after they get hit by a db+3. So, use a df+1 or df+4, which are both 13 frames, after you hit them with db+3 if you suspect them of doing that.

I often use something like:

db+3 (hits), df+1, 1, db+3 (hits), df+1,3,2
Instead of using just a standing basic 1 after the df+1 hits whatever they did after the db+3 put them in crouching on hit and gave Law +3 frames, you can use 1,2,3. The negative of that is that if they block, Law is at -9 and very bad, almost punishable. d+2 might save the momentum, a high crush, but is obviously a risk, and predictable.

After you have your standing basic 1 blocked, the opponent knows Law is then at +1 frames, and might then expect another move, which is a perfect time to hit them with another quick db+3 to put them into the exact same situation, and to tick away some more health at the same time.

Of course, it is important to not be predictable, so using df+1,3,2, a string off of Law's df+1, is a good mixup to the single df+1.

b+4 is also good to prevent them from sidestepping. b+4,3 is not hit confirmable, and the second hit is a high, so I personally never use both hits. b+4 by itself is safe, -8 on block, or -4 if you go back turned and it got blocked.

While these are all well and good, you might notice that they do not wallsplat! Enter:

3+4, an amazing mid wallsplat move that is -10 on block. -10 on block is not a huge deal, but still, not a good thing. It sometimes goes unpunished. 3+4 itself is 14 frames, very fast with good range. So, a 3+4 after the db+3 hits might work to beat out the low jab since 3+4 does have some crush frames. Not 100% sure on that though.

Set up your 3+4 at the wall with a sidestep, followed by tapping back on the stick. That way, you will avoid using SS+3+4. It should look like:

u,N,b,N,3+4 or d,N,b,N,3+4

I personally also use Nina Willams, and I can use her SS+1 move. If you can do the "electric sidestep," you can use that technique to hide a sudden use of 3+4 at the wall:

u,N,u,ub,b,N,u,ub,b,N,3+4 or d,N,d,db,b,N,d,db,b,N,3+4

The electric sidestep is a great way to keep opponents at the wall, too, corralling them, restricting their options.

Just remember that 3+4 itself is super fast at 14 frames and can wallsplat them from seemingly pretty far away from the wall. Use 3+4's speed to mix it into your movement.

So db+3 and 3+4 is my mixup at the wall. It is definitely "unseeable." But, that said, here are more options.

1,2,3 was heavily nerfed in Tag 2 and is now -9 on block. It is still safe on block, however, so if you are in need of a safe move that, if it hits on counter-hit, will lead to a wallsplat, this is a good move to use. 10 frames, too, very fast, and the third hit can crush and becomes airborne, which is a plus and a negative at the same time.

Standing basic 4, or maybe even Crescent Kick, 4,u+3, are good options after a db+3 hits. Just be aware that if you hit the standing 4 on counter-hit and you did Crescent Kick, 4,u+3, there is no way to undo it and you will not get any wall bound, the second hit of Crescent Kick will be your entire wall combo. The upside of Crescent Kick, though, is it is 0 or +1 on block, so 1,2,3 or maybe a a low crush like uf+4 are good 4,u+3 followup options.

The second hit of 4,u+3 does come out slowly though, allowing Law to get jab floated out of it.

Standing basic 4 is bad on block now too, -9, only 1 frame away from being jab string punishable.

The second hit of Crescent Kick will wallsplat on normal hit, but it very rarely ever happens since it is so slow to come out.

f+1+2 can yeild a full wall combo and is +1 on block. Just follow it up on hit with a quick f,f+4,3. On CH, f+1+2 is a big launcher. f+1+2 also can recover crouching by holding down on the stick, like f,f+1+2,d, with a f,f dash as well. Great move at any time in a match, even though it is slow at 20 frames with somewhat lacking range.

f,f+3+4~Tag is not very much damage, but they can not block it standing, they have to crouch or escape it.

1,2,f+2>1+2 will wallsplat and is a frametrap on the last delayed hit, which is -13 on block. It will work sometimes, and when you feel like it will not work, just use 1,2,f+2 then use something else, since they will be expecting the fourth wallsplatting mid hit. 1,2,f+2 is -7 on block, better on block than 1,2,3.

b+3 is not my favorite wallsplat/wallbreak move since it is so slow. I feel like b+3 is slow because of its great using it up close and personal is not a great use for it. Still, you can hold back to go back turned then use BT 1,2,3 or BT 3 which can wallsplat, or whatever else you want from BT, like a throw.

f,f+2,3 is a wallsplat hit confirmable move that I should probably use more often than I do. The first hit is -7 on block, and the second high hit is -17. The hit confirm window is quite large, and since it is a f,f+ move, you can use a forward dash to push them towards the wall a bit more.

Law's two really good strings, Dragon Storm, b+1,2,1, and Junkyard Kick Combo, b+2,3,4, are both amazing at the wall, too. Dragon Storm is better with Marshall, I think, at the wall, since it is faster. Forest's b+1,2 is -13 on block, too, bad. Junkyard is always -7 on block no matter what for the last hit with Forest. You can use that to set something up like:

SS+3+4 into f,f+4,3 is much easier near the wall.

b+3+4 is -17 on block, so it is at the end of this post for that reason, it should be a one time thing at best. It is a backswing blow that wallsplats, though, so obviously it was created for that purpose. It looks like the backwards movement of it is very small, though. I often still get hit out of it though, even when I use it correctly, predicting when the opponent attacks.

Besides 3+4, I often find myself using mid moves at the wall like df+1, df+4, b+4, b+4,b, db+2, just quick pokes that are still safe on block. Law lacks a move that is safe and is also a normal hit wallsplat. 3+4 is the closest thing he has to one of those. So, why not use a db+3?

d+3+4, FC UB+4,d, FC UB+4,d, FC

d+3+4 is my favorite move to set up a Catapult Kick High. A true low that is very fast and high crush that recovers crouching.

FC UB+4,d will come out at 16 frames, since d+3+4 is -2 on hit. Opponents generally don't have the reflexes to hit Law with a poke before FC UB+4,d can come out though. Or maybe they expect the second hit of d+3+4,3.

I notice opponents tend to run in on Law to try to punish Catapult Kick High, especially on whiff. That is why it is generally best to ALWAYS use two of them in a row, even if they do not run in to try to punish. They often have a plan against the move, or a setup that they have in mind. Doing two in a row will null and void their tactic, and put you back into a crouch at a good distance.

You can even do 3 or 4 FC UB+4,d moves in a row if they keep dashing in and getting hit by them. This is good for Law of course, since the move does relatively decent damage.

Just make sure you have enough room to do the next FC UB+4,d and that you aren't running out of open stage and cornering yourself. If you do find yourself with your back to the wall though, a Slide will crossup. You can also attempt a Rainbow Drop, FC UF+3+4, but that move is not what it once was. It will not crossup often since its upward arc, the altitude of the move, has been reduced.

Just remember that multiple FC UB+4,d moves are always available and come out really quickly from a crouch. What also makes it good is how it is a mid hit, and therefore a mixup to Slide.

Also remember to keep your eyes on your opponent. They will often try to use long range launchers like Armor King uf+1+2 Capital Punishment, or Nina's db+3+4, or Kazuya's f,N,d,df+2 to punish it.

You can even keep your eyes on the floor, noticing how far away they are. I often look at the ground instead of at them just to see how far away I am from them.

If you see them doing something like a long range launcher to try to launch you for Catapult Kick High, make sure to do FC UB+4,d,B, holding back after the down to block, of course.

b+4, b+4,b, BT d+3

You can cause lots of confusion for your opponent by first doing a mid homing b+4 without the back turned option, then doing another right afterwards with the BT. Since you just attacked mid twice in a row, they might expect another mid, so a BT d+3, which is very fast and high crushes, is a great option out of BT and will recover crouching.

Of course, mix and match different options with b+4. You can go BT after the first one, for instance, or do BT uf+4_BT 2_BT d+3+4 out of BT instead of the BT d+3.

db+4,4, b+4,3, they try to raw Tag, f,F+4,3 TA! etc.

I often get a kill for the round win with a db+4,4 to b+4,3 since it does alot and opponents tend to block alot in those instances. But, sometimes they are still alive and they try to raw Tag. In this case, a f,F+4,3 with a deep, long dash will catch them on their way out for a sure kill. It will also hit them if they Tag Crash, but that way they do manage to get out VS the f,f+4,3.

Of course, since good players tend to block db+4,4, use db+3 into a mid poke flowchart followup like b+4 in that case. But, db+4,4 does hit great players sometimes, with its high crush and long range.

Another thing about those kind of times is you should grab with Law alot, and not just his f,f+3+4 one, mix it up. I play online alot and some people get angry when I grab at all, like it's cheating, even though TTT2's online is superb. Just ignore those people...grabs are good 100% of the time. Law has good throws. One old strat I use is f,f,N,1+3. It makes them think it is a f,f+3+4 coming at them. Make sure to use f,f,N,1+3, not f,f+1+3, so you get a faster throw animation.

You can still use f,f+4,3 VS grounded in many instances to try to get a TA! mini combo.

FC U+3+4

You can use Rainbow Drop as somewhat of a backswing blow if you do it straight up. Do it as you expect them to rush in.

b+2 poking VS turtles, with the odd time finishing, b+2~3~4 no delay if you expect a retaliation

b+2 is a good, if slow, long range poke. If they insist on attacking after a blocked b+2, next time finish b+2,3,4 with no delay in-between any of the hits to score a full combo with b+2,3,4, f+1+2 TA!, then use a move as TA! to flip them over such as Law's WS+2, then 3+4, 4,3,4 or with Marshall Law 4,3,DSS f+3 instead of 4,3,4. You can also end the combo with f+2,f+2,1+2 for wall carry, or another 3+4 if the wall is close.

1,2,f+2 and 2,f+2 followups

Obviously, these moves in themselves are frametraps with the 1+2 ender for a possible wallsplat/wallbreak or oki. But, you can opt to use 1,2,f+2 or the faster 2,f+2 and then go from there. I have been using that as long as I have been using Law.

One old setup from this old school Tekken player is 1,2,f+2, db+4,4. Opponents often jab after blocking 1,2,f+2. Probably to try to counter-hit the 1+2 ender, I guess. But db+4,4 is a high crush. But, db+4,4 is obviously risky. I have been contemplating using d+1 after 1,2,d+2, or even the non-high crushing db+3. Notice that I am going low more often than not after 1,2,f+2. Grabs are good too, and they avoid the possibility of getting counter-hit, since grabs do not count as a move.

1,2,f+2 and 2,f+2 are -7 on block, keep that in mind, but you still have options after it. Two of my favorite ones are d+2 and d+3+4 to get into a crouch quickly, setting up a fast Slide.

If your opponent starts low parrying or ducking after a 1,2,f+2, you can of course hopkick (uf+4), or use a safe poke like b+4.

1,1,2 abuse mixed with grabs, then the safe 2,f+2 high,mid VS crouchers

1,1,2 is -1 on block, quite good on block, so you can often follow it up after having it blocked with another attack.

Especially good in that case is a throw attempt! If the opponent uses a CH hunting tool like a standing basic 4, Law will not get countered since throws do not count as moves. Standing 4 is good if you suspect they might attack too, as it will then come out as a 12 frame move. If you suspect they might duck, b+4 and b+4,b are great, since they also option select against sidesteps, being a homing move as well. But if you know they will duck, try to hit an uf+4.

One thing about 1,1,2 though is it does not jail. Many opponents will not realize this and will often not crouch it. But, if they do, use 2,f+2, since the f+2 in the string is a mid that is -7 on block, and is also delayable. The 2 initial hit is also a 10 frame jab, the same speed as the first hit of 1,1,2.

But yeah, knowledge is power. You can sometimes run through inexperienced opponents quickly like a steamroller if they lack the knowledge of how to defend VS 1,1,2 abuse.

Here is a cool wall okizeme setup:

sidewalk or sidestep right, b,N, 3+4

Lots of opponents like to use getting up low kicks to rise after getting hit by a wall combo. Make it whiff with a sidestep or sidewalk right, then tap back, neutral on the stick to avoid getting SS+3+4 by mistake, then wallsplat them with 3+4!

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