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Originally posted by vittujee
One thing let to another and I've been working on something more than just anti capo.

But what I had found is that after jumping back from rlx 4~3, baek can do as fast as possible ff43 and beats every option that can follow as far as I can tell. You get a juggle off ff43 with dash 433f and if capo does hsp d to avoid first hit from ff43 you can followup with db33f. With kazuya I was unable to find anything that would really cover everything while doing more damage than low parry juggle.

Does it beat RLX 4~3,3+4? Even if it hits that can you still get a dash 4,3,3~f juggle?

Originally posted by vittujee
kazuyas b24 sometimes goes through christies blocked ws13 (can be floated by i14 that hits low) and b33 (same thing). Havent seen such thing happen against eddy. For increased safety, against christie you need to do d4 to stop the mixup. df3 might also work, but its a lot slower and even so it only deals 4 more damage. It has a chance to float the capo if they tried to do rlx 4~3 or hit normally other moves that you can hitconfirm into df32 worth 37 damage.

Some moves have very specific hitbox issues when dealing with RLX. The best example I can think of is Feng's shoulder (Iron Mountain). If the tip of the shoulder hits RLX, it will connect, however, if Feng is right next to Christie in RLX, it will whiff. That's probably what you're seeing with Kaz's b+2,4

Originally posted by vittujee
after blocking df2, f3 beats everything. if eddy stands still he can punish f3 with df11 (23 damage). christie cant punish it afaik.

Do you mean if Eddy's df+2 is blocked, Kaz's f+3 beats everything? I mean, df+2 is like -10 or something, who presses buttons at -10? I think reacting with forward throw after blocked df+2 should be pretty good but throws are unfortunetly kind of risky in this game.

Originally posted by vittujee
getting punished by 124, 1244, 1243...

A buffered low parry beats everything after 1,2,4. It's kind of a gimmick move meant to be used sparingly (now and then as a punish but not more than say, 10-20% of the time). Though to be able to get a ws+4 after a 1,2,4 feint requires specific practice. I would rather do a mid/low/throw mixup, because after 1,2,4 Capos are in recovered crouch, and as such can't really move.

I think you should post your stuff on the Kaz thread (maybe you already have), would make more sense and you'd be able to get a lot more feedback/advice
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can't you float them out of the air?

i used to ws+2 with ling regardless of mixup and get them everytime
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