Badman: the Return of Bruce (not Wayne)

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Namco pretty much said it's happy with Season 2 sales. So, it's fair to assume it's given Team Tekken the clearance to put their iron fists around the golden teats of this cash cow.

So, we still got a chance for Bruce!!

But I hear people saying "Why u wan plain, bald, ugly, punch-kick man when u can has big, cute, colourfull, punch-kick waifu?"

Yeah, I can see the point. Honestly, what's really special about Bruce? From the outset, nothing. Bruce's design is simple and just meh. On top of that, his personality and self expression are limited to "generic tough guy." Story-wise, he's nothing... just kazuya's yes-man. Bruce's strength was his kickass movelist. But now, quite a bit of it has been totally or atleast functionally hijacked by Josie, leaving only a few solid moves and some scraps behind. What's the point in bringing back Bruce like this?

People who don't already like Bruce would really have no reason to get invested in the guy now that Josie can do most of the same things and also has the depth of personality that ( . )( . ) can provide. Bruce is near death, and just cannot be ported over from Tag 2 with just some bare minimum changes to fit T7.

Therefore, I propose The Bruce Revitalization Project. To put the near-death Bruce in a healing chamber so that he recovers and emerges the walking jewellery store that we deserve, with a super saiyan gleam to his gold chains and shit! Here's how:

1> Change the design into having a more interesting silhouette. What SF5 did to sagat was pretty good IMO. That's a really interesting and fitting design. Give bruce a good design rework. At this point, I can say I safely trust Team Tekken to come up with something different atleast, if not cool.

2> Give him a proper story... not just protecting chickens. Lets say, something that overshadows Josie or maybe has ties with her. Maybe he's her long lost dad or uncle or maybe she's his clone... or maybe the Mishima Zaibatsu used Bruce and Nina's "donations" before T3 to grow Josie.


The way he plays needs to be markedly different from Crybaby or his earlier self. I want them to make grapples a more prominent and even an essential part of Bruce's gameplan. I mean grappling is an integral part of Muay Thai too and there are thai fighters who are clinch and grapple specialists. Why not have Bruce gravitate towards this kind of technical style of fighting as he ages into his 50s?

I don't want the grapple game to be at the level of King or anything. Maybe like Dragunov who has a few different command grabs, and also the tackle that he can go into individually or from a few strings and cancels. Because of this, Dragunov is tactically quite satisfying. I don't necessarily want bruce to have 5 command grabs and shit, but I want Bruce to be tactically satisfying too.

As of Tag2, only way to Bruce's clinch was through crouch dash commands and one of his string cancels. What they can do is make the clinch accessible from a couple of other commands, or in other ways too.

}> They can give him Josie's backsway. But while Josie can only punch and crouch dash from backsway, Bruce should be able clinch without needing to go into crouch dash. Maybe add a kick option for him too.

}>> They can give him a punch parry that goes into clinch. Maybe have it work like Law's parry DSS. You have to do the parry, then, a couple of fast timed button presses later, Bruce clinches the opponent.

}>>> They can give him a separate kick reversal command that only catches kicks. As the default action, it can trip the supporting leg or something for a knock down. And maybe, have a command action like holding forward during the reversal gives a backwards shove, that also wallsplats or something.

}>>>> They can make a couple of his strings instantly cancellable into clinch, kind of like dragunov's 3,1,2 cancel into the grab. Or maybe have a move that goes into clinch on Counter Hit.

}>>>> They can revamp the moves from atleast 1 of the 2 clinch commands. Give him 4 or 5 commands out of that particular clinch grab, where 1 or 2 moves are knock down elbows or knees, and the others can be used to switch side or push back or something tactical like that. Kind of like King's b1+2 irish whip where you can manoeuvre your opponent into the position that you want them at. Or like Steve's Backsway clinch.

}>>>>> They can give him attack throws. like maybe have a chargeable version of d+4 or a different d\b+4 low roundhouse kick, where he does a trip and throw on Counter Hit. They can also do the same thing for crouch dash 3 low kick just for the muay thai aesthetics.

}>>>>>> They can give him his old f,f+4 leg bazooka back. And make it cancellable... like into a short forward hop or into clinch or something.

Just throwing ideas out there.

Here's some trip and throw muay thai action for inspiration and\or reference.

Yeah, none of the returning characters ion T7 have received major overhauls. But that doesn't mean Bruce shouldn't. He desperately needs a makeover.

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