Feng's punishment list

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Originally posted by adipati
then you havent played against a mastered wang jinrei users..
theres a couple of them here

and did you know that most of his string is delayable?
then you had to guess, did he already finish his string or not..
if you doing shoulder to fast, he'll launched you to death..
if you wait too long, youll not only missed your punish opportunity, but may also fell into his trap_set-ups

one other thing. Wang deal bigger damage than feng, and maybe better low pokes

1,1 is -9
and ff4 is -4.
so nope, you cant punish those moves

I already know about delayable strings and the other things mentioned (felt like my intelligence was insulted there but whatever)... I was just asking about blocked moves in general if the punish options have changed if at all... I don't really use b+1+2 unless it guarantees a wall splat, other than that is just 1,2,2 or something else depending on the situation...

Wang having better pokes and more damage output was something I assumed since 5.0 (but I debated that aspect with a few other buddies of mine)... Anyway, looking at Wang Jinrei's frame data from SDT and 1,2_1,2,2 seems to be good options...
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ff3 then 4 is a 2hit 45 damage combo
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