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Guys a member from Canada known as NeoRussel used his time and money to come up with a video with all the new Feng moves, so you guys know what they look like, this was very very nice of him and I hope you are as grateful as I.

This is the information that we have on the first post of our information page, I added the way of how to get into BT auoto.

new moves:
01) 2,4,3  *high,mid,mid
02) 4~3  *mid, low-crush, forward flipping
03) f+3  *mid they've changed this to a push kick with decent range. free launch if ch.
04) df+3+4  *mid, spin kick a spinning kick a la Bryan's f,f+3 or Asuka's new f,f+3 that hits mid. Decent range & damage, seems fairly safe on block.
05) d+1+2,1,2  *mid,mid,mid, range's too close. a punch combo that looks a bit like Feng's old WS+1,2,1.
06) b+3,3  *high,high
07) f,f+1+2  *mid
08) uf+2  *mid, resembles Jin's uf+2 they've changed his jumping punch to a sidestep forward jab type thing that hits mid. Hard to describe but think of it like King's bf+1. Seems to catch lots of people out as an opening move.
09) ws+1+2  *mid, old move with new notations, same as tk5's f,f+1+2
10) ss+3,2  *high,mid, old move with new notations, same as tk5's f+3,2
12) BT 2,2  *mid,mid
12) qcf+1+2  *mid, headbutt, face down feet away on CH a headbutt. Not too much range but seems safe on block.
13) f+3+4,2,2,1  *no data
14) b+3+4,1  *low a powerful-ish punch that hits low, good mix-up potential
15) b+3+4,2 looked similar-ish to before but not sure if it's mid or high
16) b+3+4,3  *mid, low-crush, juggle starter
17) b+3+4,4  *low spin kick, but you said it's a jumping spin kick, pls confirm
18) BT 1+4 OR 2+3  *new grabbing
19) b+3~4 goes into BT

I will update this as we go along, there is no need for extra posts in this thread.

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