Demo-man damage at maximum range

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6th Dan
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Whilst in practice mode with Paul I noticed something weird.
Demo-man at close range does 44dmg (42dmg non-JF), but at max range (at the tip) I noticed it does an amazing 73dmg (68dmg non-JF).
The damage scaling for the normal (close range) version - 1st hit 200%, 2nd hit 60%, 3rd hit 50%
The damage scaling for the max range version - 1st hit 135%, 2nd hit 135%, 3rd hit 135%
AYKM? Is this another bug?
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Rain of Death
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There's really no need for a full topic on this...

It's not a bug, d4 doesn't trip it the furthest range and if you do the whole combo the third hit can be blocked. It's been like that since T5. I almost never use d4:2:1+2 out in the open it's really unsafe.

On CH, d4 will always trip. The clean hit property of d4 up close is what causes the trip on a non-CH.

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4th Dan
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Since it trips on close range, the damage scaling becomes a juggle scaling.

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