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#521 “Quote” Edit Post
This is the only content I'd see to be succesful for some hypothetical plans on Season3. I see It from two opposite perspectives:

The one and glorious that matters, mine aka the righteous one, which content would be, Jinpachi; Ganryu; Bruce; Ogre, and for the first time since tekken tag 1 If Harada would one day suddenly see the light, a character remake of Devil's aforementioned version, demonic voice included of course. I wouldn't even ask for another stage If they would bring a season pass 3 like this. For me a season3 of that sort would be apocalipsis.

*The second and always filthy heretic one of the effeminate and the hentai mental parties, which content would be something along the lines of, Kunimitsu; Jun; Christie; Xiaoyu's tekken4 mirror character whose neither her name can I remember nor that I pretend to tbh, and finally of course affected version of Angel from ttt2. They might ask for another stageas well, a doa one or summer lesson whoever knows go figure the kind of grim obscenity in the form of a thought that might cross the minds of these folks 24/7.

*Since second perspective is irrelevant, only the first should count as valid and granted eventual development green light
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#522 “Quote” Edit Post
lol ^^
do you also mean Ancient Ogre or just Ogre? or does Ogre to you mean both?

ps: do you really think Kunimitsu is so much into that category two?
i mean, i woman behind a mask , while holding a dagger in her backhand is really not a joke to deal with, i think

Iron Fist rules passed (what a Ninja Treasure, i say)

if you ever see her in real life, you are dead anyways (hint: watch the trees)

extra note: she was in Tekken Revolution
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Sweet Spanish Macho
Joined: Sep 2009
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#523 “Quote” Edit Post
^Regarding Ogre the Hulk version I meant, since I try to be realistic about Its chances to be back, same regarding the other characters mentioned in a). If they could bring Its true form too then oh yeah I wouldn't say no to that, let alone if It could transform in the fight and you could use the two forms. But then, trolololDevil Kazuya should be merged with Kazuya and be able to do the same, and so the same story with Jin and roflcopterDevil Jin as well.

And about Kuni. Yeah, she's one quality female teken character. Problem is that she's been gone for too long (she actually died by Ogre too) that I always forget about her, and about that she's not one of these stupid female characters from the recent tekken era. Also, I didn't like her ttt2 remake much, like the affected revision of Angel, let alone when they didn't revise Devil too, something infuriating to say the least.

This said and with part of my old good tekken2-tag1 memories restored, I hereby declare Kunimitsu righteously apt to join glorious Perspective a) roster by her own merit of being one of the last female quality characters in the franchise, and be replaced by that Sebastian joke in perspective b)

edit: omg I had forgotten Zafina. lol it ended happening to me too. Zafina's curse may be real after all.
Ok, then in group a) of course Zafina in exchange for an extra stage. Problem solved. You may proceed Harada

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#524 “Quote” Edit Post
Glad to see you change your mind on Kunimitsu.

Damn right Kunimitsu would be a kickass addition. After being booted out of the manji clan for her greed, she's reduced to working as an electrician or something. That's hilariously tragic. And she's not beautiful or someshit. She may look pretty at first sight, but she's got a scarred up face and they look like burn marks from some flame throwing gone wrong.... or maybe she electrocuted her face while repairing a big switch board or something. She may even be blind... kind of like a female Zatoichi. That adds a lot of character to the character.

Her Tag 2 revision was pretty cool because of the cool half mask revealing the facial scars, and the great voice. Movelist was mostly great too. And the flame throwing was some metal shit! I loved it.

I don't get the love for that belly dancing fake fortune telling noodle armed invertebrate Zafina though. She's just a glorified yoga practitioner. For sure, Jun is an overall better character than this weird, wobbly, voldo woman. I don't hate her though. I'd rather have her than Claudio and Shaheen. And I liked some of her quotes. "Your will isn't strong enough to change fate." That's some deep stuff.
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#525 “Quote” Edit Post
I'm not really hype about Kunimtsu, but who knows never say never they may bring her back in a super badass way, also when you think about it she hasn't been in a pure 1 VS 1 Tekken game since a huge while, so gotta say that this at least made me a bit curious on how she would work in a game like T7. (TTT2 was an absolute different game)

Instead i'm legit super hype about a new badass looking Bruce, Zafina, Ganryu and Jun. And maybe even Wang. (it's always great to have an super old man in a roster also)

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#526 “Quote” Edit Post
Kuni would be fucking nuts, especially if they keep building on her movelist....... I donít see the lore really being a factor .... Neatherrealm recently said Kotal Khan was present since the first MK, just imprisoned lol..... Bamco can make up all kind of bullshit to fit a plot hole..... also, itís not like anyone else in the game has a legit story besides the Mishimas

Zaf.... ehhh.... sheís cool.... I like the unusual stances ..... I see more request for her than anyone else for a next season oddly

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