Collaborative punish guide request

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1st Dan
Joined: Oct 2013
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Hi all,

Getting straight to the point. I was wondering if we could collaboratively create punish guide videos as a community. There are plenty of character guides on youtube, but none about punishing if I'm correct. I'm pretty sure for most players including myself, lack of knowledge on punishing is more of an issue than learning new characters. Doing these guides as a community would make the work very easy, say 1 player per character, and we could be done in very few days with it probably.

A quick stop at the reasoning and motivation behind this.
We want to get better at the game but don't have the luxury of time.
Learning punishes is motivating to learn the moves of the entire cast. In return, that makes it easier to learn the remaining moves of the cast when facing them since you wouldn't feel lost looking at all the moves. With all of this surely comes also overall gameplay improvement from the players in other remaining areas.
If everyone gets better, the game also becomes better with matches being more fun sort of like in tournaments.

So I don't know if this will even become a thing. But I created a general idea so we can be organized and have a goal. I was thinking the guides should include the following:

Punishable moves/strings
duckable moves/strings
sidestepable moves/strings
throw breaks
Moves that leave the opponent in positive frames like Dragunov's running ( this is the contrary to punish I know, but might as well add these since they are few and it's good to know when to be careful)

Basically standard punishes, no in depth strategies or anything, just what I consider should be the base knowledge available to everyone of us. I've yet to learn more, so if there is anything else that anyone thinks we should add, I could try to edit it in. I hope this becomes a thing as it makes everything easier.
1st Dan
Joined: Oct 2013
Posts: 11
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Uh, not even 1 single comment or volunteer. This is beyond pointless.

Is there any way to delete this topic? by myself, or perhaps mods can do it?
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Do you mean videos like these?

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