How to Swag with Lee Chaolan

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Lee studied with Paul Phoenix and Marshall Law in the U.S. This is the reason why Lee shares some of the moves as Paul and Marshall. Lee's parents died when he was a young child, leaving him to fend for himself on the streets.

Facing a hostile environment each day, he quickly became a skilled scrapper with reflexes that were amazing for a boy of his age. It was these qualities that caught the eye of Heihachi, who witnessed Lee fighting off several other kids while on a business trip. Impressed by Lee's street-fighting skill, Heihachi decided to adopt Lee. Heihachi then took Lee Chaolan back to Japan to be educated.

Heihachi never actually felt any emotion towards Lee; the real purpose was to give Kazuya a rival to inspire him to shape up. Their combat skill is equal, but those who know Lee's power fear the "Silver-Haired Demon". Pertaining to Heihachi Mishima as his adopted son, Lee Chaolan was entitled to the Mishima Zaibatsu just as much as Kazuya Mishima.

Lee Swag

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