Opinions on T7 S2 Eddy

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Copy and paste from a FB post, let me know what you guys think.

These are my considerations on how Eddy could be turned into a more competitive character, also considered the context he's now in. I'll try to make it as short as possible(it's gonna be a WOT anyway). We have already discussed about it, but just to be clear, this doesnt mean I think Eddy is trash, that you cant win using him and I am gitting gud already. I also tried to analyze every aspect, hence the list is long. And yes, something is from past tekkens. But hey, they fixed the 2+4 throw "bug" on Kuma...
Basically, just some food for thought , lemme know what you guys think.

FIXES (in no specific order, the list I consider more important):

- His RA, It is garbage
- rlx1,3 should be always NH.
- ws4 goes quite often off axis for no reason
- uf3, 3+4 on hit, rlx 3~4 sometimes whiffs
- return at least df2's vertical hitbox. More tracking wouldn't be bad too.
- uf4 not only doesnt hit some lows, but gets hit while airborne by them. Try Katas db3.
- his juggle system should be more tolerant when opponent is off-axis.
- rlx hurtbox when NOT pressing ANY button should be smaller. Now Eddy gets hit by very high or jumping mids. If I decide to stay in relax and do nothing, it's a choice and opponent should know that and what to do.
Examples: eddy in relax, I put the pad on the table. He gets hit by Akuma full focus attack, Heihachi's uf34, Eliza's df3 , Katarina's (uf4)4 etc. I personally would make Drags wr2 avoidable. If I am on the ground not pressing any buttons and you wr2 me from range 3, then you made the wrong choice and deserve to be punished.
- hsp b3 floatable on block is too much. On hit, opponent can still avoid 50/50. Alternatively leave it floatable but make it longer and faste
- HSP 4 has an useless S!
- Eddy's step should be slightly better so he doesnt get fireballs randomly in the face. Alternative: make fireballs hitboxes smaller so even eddy can step them. Fireballs are not tekken anyway.
- rlx4~3 should launch at first hit. Why risking a -37 (hs is -27) if you dont know you'll launch or not. Alternative: at the distance rlx4-3 doesnt launch, it doesnt stagger on block and Eddy can recover safely.
- db1+2 sometimes evades but doesnt launch


- db1+2 hitting airborne characters could give b! Like Lars's fb21.
- db4 single, safe
- 3+4 faster, earlier Jump status
- same for rlx 3+4
- ss2 faster, more advantage on block
- 4~3 revisited
- transitions from the ground to hsp faster
- rlx ss faster, gets floated if hit
- b3f safe or safer
- FC throw hitbox expanded
- ub3 a bit bigger hitbox, leaves closer on hit (so you can mix with the FC throw after)
- (db3),3 now armor
- (db3,)db4,3 faster animation

BUFFS (no specific order)

- more tracking
- df4 faster like Lee's d3
- Christie's throws as Command throws
- b24 delayable, faster recovery on hit
- df11 damage increased (takes less than 1,2 + juggle wise)
- 4 damage increased
- rlx f3+4 damage increased (juggle wise)
- df3 more pushback on block
- d3 safer
- 1+2 hitbox expanded so it can become a more consistent 12fr punisher
- u3+4 d faster transition into rlx
- 3 faster


- b1,2 like Tiger's. It would be NCc, same effect as ch df4 and same u3 guaranteed afterwards.
Alternatively b1,2,4 a combination of b1 and Eddy's ttt2 ss2,4. NCc + string to use at wall on big boys or for more wall carry or for S!. E.g. qcf3, df11, b124 S!
- d4~4, the 3+4 from uf3, 3+4. Same effects, same speed
- b1f transition into hsp

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