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That's kind of bad, but kind of good at the same time. Some characters have the mid-air grabs, and those characters will make good use of this system. As well as the long combo-oriented characters will take advantage of this system very quickly. I am having trouble, myself with combos for so this could help Yoshimitsu.
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okok let me figure this out.....So in the first he only hit a B! move once right? the rest of the combo was wall hits and just bad luck?
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Cool, thanks for the list everyone!

For Law, shouldn't "1,2,f+2,2" be with "DSS,2,f+2,2"?

law - original

law - modified
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bumping this so that the new folks just go to one thread about B! and other related stuff.

@strat mods
any chance of this getting updated for T6 console or is this it? also, can anyone of you sticky this topic asap? i feel this is convenient for new members to browse cuz it's comprehensive as it is right now BUT a further update by Jaytech or other members would sure be nice especially changes (major/minor if any at all) for the console versions that somebody might have dug up recently.

any new findings or you're still busy racking up G's in SC mode? hehehehe, just kidding! keep up the great job dude!

peace out!


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altho im not new, shit like this thread should be stickied, such is the ways to help keep tekken players informed. this isnt 2004, wtf are the mods doing?

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Miguel :
d+2 also BOUNDS!
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Hwo also has RFF b+2
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Xiao - u/f+4

Lei - DRU (3),2 and BT 3+4
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I think the list needs to be updated.

Add these for Hwoarang:
RFF b+2
WR_RFF fff+3

And for Baek, his 1+2_FLA 1+2 do not give B!. However, his u/f+2 does. Unfortunately, not for Hwoarang. :-(

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Here is a list of bound moves for the console version of Tekken 6 that I put together:

My list is missing Baek's u/f+2 but that'll be added in the next update. I haven't really checked any posts in this thread yet besides the first post and the last page, so I might be missing some stuff.

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