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#41 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by greatwhitenope
Lili / Jinpachi stuff

I'm messing around with Lili / Jinpachi myself atm.

The most damage you can get as filler with Jinpachi is uf+3+4, 3,4 and it's not really hard. It mostly only ends up with 1 more point of damage then SS+2,1 so I usally use SS+2,1 instead since I feel it's easier to use Lili's ender ff+3~f,1,2.

You'll add some damage using that ender instead so I would probably recommend it rather than just qcf+1,2.

Also for your uf+3 combo I do;
uf+3, 4,1_df+2,1, df3, SS+2,1, ff+3~f1,2
I don't remember the damage on the top of my head but yours might be better.

For your last combo I'd do either;
df+2, df+1, df+1,1, df+3,1, d+2,2,3, dash, f+2+4 (slightly more range than 1+3 grab I've been told)
To add some more;
df+2, u+4, b+1+2, f+2,3_uf+3+4,3+4, dash, ub+1,2~f,3,4
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#42 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by sandilord
Mods, are you going to categorize the various juggles per character? There's a lot of good stuff in this thread but it's a bitch to find it.
I created a new thread specific for tagjuggles. I put EVERYTHING in this thread so far in it and used one notation hoping it'll be easier to read.
Please post all you tagjuggles in this thread and I (or mods) will edit it in.

BTW: does anyone know how to jump to a specific post in a thread? I can jump to a specific post in a new window but I want people to be able to jump to a post within the same window.
Thanks in advance.
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#43 “Quote” Edit Post
Is there any Jinpachi/Lei combos out there
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#44 “Quote” Edit Post
What's Jinpachi's best combo after low parry?
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#45 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Fogelstrom
Lili/Jinpachi stuff

Thanks for the help, man.

I tried the uf+3 combos you suggested, but mine did do more damage (83 > 77). I can understand why you bounded early to keep them close after the Jinpachi filler for ff+3~f, but the combo loses too much damage before the bound due to its low frontload. My combo eats a lot of float time on the frontload, but the knockup on JP df+2,1 is good enough that I have a lot of time to run up close and exploit the rapidly decaying juggle.

But I can follow your logic pretty well in how you put your combos together. I think we've both run into the same problem with basic Lili starter (uf+3_df+2) -- if the start of your combo is too short, the successful f,f+3~f, qcf+1,2 doesn't add enough damage to get you into the 80s. But if the start of your combo is too long, using Jinpachi SS+2,1 filler knocks them back to a really awkward distance where Lili f,f+3 won't quite reach without dashing(and dashing in without going into WR seems pretty tricky at that range). Right now at least for endless stages, I think it's safer just to do JP df+2,1 as TA filler because of the massive adjustment time you have to work with.

As for Jinpachi starter, I found that you actually get 2 more damage on the df+2 combo I listed if you do df+2,1 instead of df+2, df+1,1 to start the combo. Seems equally consistent for pretty much all on-axis JP combos from df+2 starter. I dunno why I didn't notice this sooner; I guess for some reason I imagined I was getting more damage from the df+1,1 in there. Now I just gotta find a consistent combo for this guy that works off-axis; that spinning knockdown is a pain in the ass for side juggles. Immediate d+1 B! is all I have so far.

GREAT tip about the Jinpachi air throw with 2+4. I remember the other day I was doing it with 1+3 for some reason and missing it a lot, and I thought I was just sucking. Knowing that the 2+4 throw actually has different range is a lifesaver. Thanks a bunch.

I guess next I'll start playing with tag-buffered Lili WS+2 (starting combo and mid-combo) and see what I can come up with.
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#46 “Quote” Edit Post
If you just wanna be stylin' on someone I found this gem with Lili/Jinpachi;

d+3+4, u+4, b+1+2~5, d+3+4, ub+1,2,~f,1,1,2~2 = 10hit, 97dmg and you look cool

Obviously there are alot better ways to spend a TA after Lili's d+3+4 for JP but I do that combo sometimes just cause it looks so badass

I will try and mess around with your combos some more regarding my early B!. I'm still very new to Tekken so I'm trying to come up with things the best I can.

Though I can't for the life of me seem to hit qcf,1,2 after df+2,1 from JP? If I ever hit with qcf,1 the 2 always misses... for example when I try doing

uf+3, f+2,3, df+3+4, BT 1+2~5, df+2,1, dash, qcf,1,2
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#47 “Quote” Edit Post
new jinp/wang combo
Wang: WM, dash db2 4~5, jinp u4, df1 1, df3 1~5 B! wang uf3 1, jinp dash uf3 4

121 dmg. Ridiculous!
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#48 “Quote” Edit Post
Does anyone know any of Jinpachi's 'Great' combos?
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#49 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Plopalina
Does anyone know any of Jinpachi's 'Great' combos?

Only one I know of is Jinpachi+Kazuya

Kaz WS+2~5 Jinpachi FLY 3,4,1,1,2 Kaz, 2 (ewgf, then Spirit bomb hits) Kaz 2 (omen thunder god fist)
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#50 “Quote” Edit Post
whats JPs wall beef? Heres a few JP & Bryan TA combos.


d/f+2, d/f+2, d+1~5 b+3~F 3,4 FLY 1,1,2:2 92 damage
d/f+2, iWS+3, d/f+3,1~5 b+3~f 3,4 FLY 3,4_FLY 1,2,4 93 Damage
ws+2~5 wait b+3~F 3, f+4,1~5 u/b+1,2~F 1,2,4 f,f+3 95 Damage
ws+2, ws+3, d/f+3,1~5 b+3~F 3,4 FLY 3,4 98 Damage
ws+1,1~5 b+3~F 3,4 FLY 1,1,2:2 82 damage

ws+1~5 d/f+2, d/f+3,1~5 b+3~F 3,4 FLY 3,4 90 damage
ws+1, f+3, d/b+2, f+4,1~5 u/b+1,2~F 1,2,4 f,f+3 87 damage
d/f+3, ws+3, d/b+2, f+4,1~5 u/b+1,2~F 1,2,4 f,f+3 90 damage
ws+2,f+2~5 d/f+2, d/f+3,1~5 b+3~F 3,4 FLY 3,4 105 damage
u/f+4, f+4,1~5 FLY 3,4 ff b+3~5 4,1,2 90 damage (wall float)
u/f+4, iWS+3, d/b+2, f+4,1~5 u/b+1,2~F 1,2,4f,f+3 92 damage
CH ws+3, f+4,1~5 FLY 3,4 b+3~F 4,1,2 89 Damage

Thats what I've found after about an hour or so of practice mode.

EDIT: You can use b+2,1,4 instead of b+3~F 3,4 for on extra 2 damage on these jugs.

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#51 “Quote” Edit Post
can you guys show me some jinpachi/hei combos?

Oh, and also, im really having trouble connecting the last hit(air grab) after the flying stance 1,1,2,2 is it like a JF or something? because i just cant land it.
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#52 “Quote” Edit Post
I don't play hei so can't help. His FLY112~2 is indeed just frame. You have to press the second 2 the moment jinpachi hits his opponent with the first 2. I don't think anyone can get it consistently though, timing is hard.
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#53 “Quote” Edit Post
What are your (solo) staples for df1+2 and lowparry?
I use df1+2, d1, d21, db21 (not in first post yet) most of the time and LP, df1, 2, f21,1+2.
After (df1+2, d1), I find it hard to hit (ub1)2. I find it very inconsistent.

Btw: in the first post this juggle is missing as well: df21, df31 B!, (ub1)2~F, FLY112~2.
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#54 “Quote” Edit Post
For low parry I use, ws+3, f+2,1,1+2

As for d,f+1+2, I honestly always TA this with Wang or Heihachi, as I can get an extra 20 damage out of each character and a great wall carry.
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#55 “Quote” Edit Post
df+1+2, d+1 B!, ub+(1),2~f, FLY 1,1,2:2 works for decent damage.

EDIT: oh sorry, just skimmed the post, didnt realise you mentioned it. IMO you just gotta mash that ub+1 like a madman and it is pretty consistant
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#56 “Quote” Edit Post
I was having good success with it today, but last time I played CH WS+3, iWS+3, d/f+3,1 was not as consistent as I would like. Namely the d/f+3,1 would phantom whiff leaving me open to punishment. Looking through the combo list, I see someone posting CH WS+3, iWS+3, d/f+1 which should hopefully be more consistent since it's faster than d/f+3,1, but I'm curious what everyone else is using post CH WS+3.
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#57 “Quote” Edit Post
do a SSR before the iWS+3.

CH ws+3 SSR iWS+3, df+3,1 dosent work, i know CH WS+3, SSR iWS+3, 2, df+3,1 does. But thats 1 more hit so it might fuck up your juggle.
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#58 “Quote” Edit Post
for CH ws3 im using df11, df31, B! its pretty decent also i believe u4,b1+2 B! works as well
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#59 “Quote” Edit Post
Depending on TA filler or if you TA at all I use;

CH ws3, u4, b1+2 B! <whatever>
The best with few hits but IMO a bit inconsistent.

CH ws3, df2, d1 B!
To make it ALOT easier for 2-4 less dmg. I personally use this the most because it's so damn easy and I got 4 hit TA filler with Zafina.

CH ws3, (SSR) ws3, 2_f+1, df3,1
f+1 makes for 2-3 less damage but it's rather impossible to fuck up. You can also switch up the df3,1 for df3,2 for wall carry and run up df3,1_d1_b1+2.
Imo it's easier to hit the 2 if you SSR your second ws3.
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#60 “Quote” Edit Post
Some nice BT stuff: we all know f21,1+2 in the back is juice and Offinbed posted you can get a free d3 afterwards. I looked into it and you can get more than that. A lot of stuff connects but the best option seems to be followup with f1+4. I'm fairly sure this will hit on everyone. It works on Moku and Alisa for sure.

OBT f21,1+2, f1+4 = 101 dmg!!!

Can this be copied to the first post please? Maybe we can add guaranteed hits there as well?
Some other guaranteed stuff:
ff3, d4
u4, d4
CH f4, d1+2
CH FC,df1, ff3 (has been escaped once and I'm starting to believe I was late)
b12, AP1 (only if they don't quickroll back)
uf4, f1+4 (only if they don't quickroll back)
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