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What game do you think has the best costumes?
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Tekken 3
9 21.95%
Tekken 4
23 56.10%
Tekken 5
9 21.95%
40 Votes 100%
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tekken 6 had the best costumes i think folowed by tekken 5 then tekken 7 then tekken tag 2.
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#62 “Quote” Edit Post
Tekkne 4 was incredibly aesthetically. They really focused on REALISM. If you notice, there were no devils/mokojins/anything too out of the ordinary in that one.

The costumes had an insane amount of detail and just looked so freaking cool, I wish they had used those designs moving forward instead of the T5 designs.

Nina's pink catsuit and her original purple camo suit in T5 is 100000X superior to the horrible spacesuit design we got T5 onward. But Jin, Hworang, Christie, Paul, etc, everyone looked so cool in T4. T5 onward got a little too anime/campy and the art direction has just not been great.
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#63 “Quote” Edit Post
Tekken 7.... but Iíll take legacy costumes for everyone
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#64 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by NeverYouMind


yaaas the Basic Instinct scene. Nina was designed based on Sharon Stone.
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#65 “Quote” Edit Post
Yeah she was slutty as hell in Tekken 2. It was glorious. Not saying her appearances on other games weren't cool as well though. I liked her dark outfit in Tekken 3 which was a bit more sensible.
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Gotta say that Nina's T7 costume is the best, that's not a DLC one but was in base game since launch, i already like it since the start, but now it ended being the only costume i'm using for Nina and ended be my favorite of her.

Forget the name of the costume, but it's that costume that has long jacket and a necklace with boots. Perfection.
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#67 “Quote” Edit Post
I liked that one too, except for the gun insignia necklace.

But Nina's best costumes ever are probably the T4 camo suit and the T3 alt.

Sucks that they made jin and xiaoyu's T4 costumes, but the others got nothing.
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Nina's DBD ponytail costume(Which was inspired from her T2 costume) was also pretty good.
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Originally posted by dodecadozen Sucks that they made jin and xiaoyu's T4 costumes, but the others got nothing.
I swear I remember them saying they were going to do this for more of the characters. But we've heard nothing. Guess they dropped the idea.
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#70 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by dodecadozen
I liked that one too, except for the gun insignia necklace.

I always thought this was so stupid of Namco to include. Almost singlehandedly ruins what is otherwise an amazing custom item. Tekken 7 is full of stupid ideas like that. The evening dress special custom looks cool, but then they go ahead and add non-removable fingerless arm warmers....the fuck?

Nina's cat suit in T7 is her best ever by far I think. Her DBD outfit is good too. I would've liked to see her in the turtleneck and longcoat from the TTT1 PS2 intro.

The best outfit ever in Tekken is probably Kazuya's purple pimp suit. The jacket and hood on Jin from T4 is up there as well. I think Tekken 7 also had some good costumes, like Bryan's skull mask, Ling's orange dress, and Steve's robe.

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