Disappointed or Happy with Console T7?
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Originally posted by pcmacro
is it only me that notice online sucks even more now since update. its almost unplayable. Actually i might be a it for me, if they dont fix it.

Now there's a surprise...lol.
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Originally posted by DinoTheDonDaDa
but for people who legit rank high, they should have offered some locked custom stuff, badges, or whatever
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i had good connections again in player match. Maybe it was my own connection before messing up or something is up with rank match. I've also notice a lot of lows not connecting. There's definitely some weird bugs.
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Originally posted by Chinky-Eye
It's the only way to unlock items though. If you want to unlock items, you have no choice but to play the shitty CPU over and over and over and over.

Can be unlocked with tournament mode too, but yeah Treasure is the easiest way to unlock them i guess.
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New thread time. (Go make one)
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