Character Specific Special Items & Notations

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Originally posted by nevermore24
does marduk have anymore item moves?? other than ogre club?? how about his cape??

yea he uses it to choke the oponent. notation is 11, f, 3, 2
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Originally posted by Royal_Flush21
yea he uses it to choke the oponent. notation is 11, f, 3, 2

may i ask for some items??

in this video (sorry for the quality..) anyone can tell what is the name of leo's shirt and also his short... ty any reply will be greatly appreciated...ty
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Hey I'm a new panda user here and I have an IC card for the local arcade but I'm having trouble with the item differences. in the console version panda's item is the "oversized sunglasses" but in the arcade I can't buy that item? Any help would be great thanks.
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On the PS3, how do you get the flag for Lars's back?
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what eyeglass is that? is that the one who can give you a taunt of bowling?
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in arcades, is Christie's Samba feathers available? i can't find it
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its available there...
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