MANLY MOVES: Miguel Movelist, Frames & More

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Moves transitions to SAV based on their recovery on hit, if a move has reasonably fast recovery (d/f+1_ws+1) it'll transition to SAV faster than a move with slower recovery (b+1_b+3).

I think someone figured out how many frames it takes from iSAV (3+4) into moves, can't remember though, my guess is somewhere between 6-10. Really not my thing.
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GREAT! I'll go look for it now. I guess I need to test it out myself, but after that it'll be done! Hoozaah!!
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so somthing really wired happen when i played a friend the other day. i juggeled him an i thought he was going to stay down. so i went in to sav an df2.well he tec an i luched him again with it. sav df2 ant a tec trap right? i know it will hit grouned an luch back rollers.

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