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7th Dan
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ok so i'm haven problems with larz with miguel...i know the match up but it super hard for me to get around the jab prasher an get my counters off. does inny one have a clue what i should drag an my bob don't seem to have as much problems but im thinking it charcter match really anoying getting beat by a character how fights like he's on ice skates.
Dragon Lord
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Okay, first off you really need to stop typing like an absolute retard because your posts are much harder to read than ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. If you are doing this for the sake of seeking attention then you my friend are in dire need of serious professional help.

Now on to your post about Lars. Being a Lars player myself I know first hand just how difficult it can be to get your offense going against Lars, especially with Miguel. Lars' standing 1 jab leaves him at +2 on block so he is pretty much free to execute more jabs to pressure you. So what you'd want to do is to interrupt his high jab strings with d+3+4 or a dick punch. This is assuming that your opponent keeps on going for high jabs. Now if he were to use a mid pressure move like d/f+1 and d/b+2,1 then you would want to block those moves because they leave him on - frames on block.

Watch out for SS F+1+2 baits from Lars because this is the bread and butter of his game. Your best option against Lars is to punish every open move that he throws out. I know this may not seem like much but even a simple 1,2 jab punish from Miguel is enough to help him start his offense. Remember that Lars has no weak sides because his d/b+2,1 tracks so SS against his option might not be the best option at this point, unless your opponent is fond of dishing out linear moves.

So in a nutshell, just play safely, punish every open move that he dishes out and rely on frame traps whenever you get the chance.
Originally posted by Cosmic_Castaway:
I quite enjoy taking hot wimminz to the wall with my Cock Hammer (Dragunov's qcf+1, for those unaware). And then when they're slumping down the wall to their knees, I Ark Blast all over their face.

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