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inatekken has Alex frame data. Alex = アレックス
inaTekken (Link) / From the left menu, click: " 固有技 " --> Then on the page that loads click " アレックス "

Alex db+3+4 is in fact -1. (roger is +4) Namco probably gave this frame difference because Alex's has way more range than Rogers.

Headbutt frame data are the same according to inatekken. But the hitboxes are definitely not the same. If you do 3+4 from behind, Roger can still bound with headbutt. Try the same setup with Alex, his headbutt whiffs. Honestly was shocked since Alex's appears to strike much lower to the ground with that downward driving animation. Not a big deal, doubt you'll ever land a 3+4 on an opponent's back in a real match, just proof that the hitboxes on them are definitely different. But given the range, whiff punishment/combo options Alex's has, Alex's is still superior. The only time Rogers has an advantage, is in the one scenario you'll never land in a real match.


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If you are ever behind an opponent (or to their side), I suggest doing d+1+2 1+2 2 instead of any launcher.
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Originally posted by Brahma
Having a character that can "slam" them won't be that useful because 1) If you slam/spike them with one character, you can use Alex's lows. 2) You can't slam/spike characters during TA, all hits are techable 3) ending in AGF or other power hit is going to do much more damage.

I would say pair him with someone that has some range on their attacks, and someone who has good combo synergy with him. Alex doesn't seem to do great solo damage so this would help him a lot. Most people can use AGF_u/f+3,3 in TA pretty well, but try to find someone that as good TA for Alex.

It isn't techable immediately if you time another hit to connect as soon as they hit the ground. It can serve to allow you to combo low hit box moves that would otherwise whiff.

But naturally the timing is tighter.

They hit the ground, do a tiny bounce, then come to rest, then can tech. You hit them during the tiny bounce or when they are close to the ground.
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Ahahaha fully played against MR. NO! online, was using low grade Roger stuff on him because I didn't realize who he was and that he knew it! That was some intense business. We should have some private Roo on Roo action sometime...

Kills me how u/f+1+2 doesn't properly low crush. Right before I hit a low gets me in mid-air. Ehhhh

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^ yeah, it was fun. Maybe we can have a Alex/Roger lab session haha
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