TTT2 Baek Team Synergy & Wall Combo Thread

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#101 “Quote” Edit Post
Do this then
Df2 2_4 1+2,1 BT 4,4

2 is more easily done constantly, but 4 does more damage.
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#102 “Quote” Edit Post
Hwoarang u+3+4_RFL df+4_3~4 (W!), 4,4,3 (TA!) Baek 4,4, Hwoarang df+3,3

You can follow it up with something like Hwoarang db+4,f, RFL df+4, threatening another 4,4,3 wall bound if the safe RFL df+4 hits, or instead of the db+4, you can use u+3+4, then 4,4,3. I like 4,4,3 as the wall bound with Hwo sonce it hits after mostly everything at the wall.

I like Baek 4,4 as wall TA! because you can just do your regular full wall combo after it.

For instance I was using Steve/Baek:

Steve 3+4,2 (W!), f,f+2 (TA!) Baek 4,4, Steve 3,1,1, df+1+2

Baek f+3+4 (W!), f,f+3 (TA!) Hwoarang f+4, FRL df+4, Baek FC 3,3,3 (78 pts)
The Hwoarang f+4, RFL df+4 TA! again counts as no wall hits. Not sure if I like this combo, but I don't know what else to use. I typically use a 1-hit wall bound with Baek.

Baek f+3+4 (W!), f,f+3 (TA!) Hwoarang df+3,4, RFL d+4,4, Baek d+4,4 (79 pts)
This does seem better than that first Baek/Hwo combo.
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^ Thanks AZYG4LYFE!
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#103 “Quote” Edit Post
4,4 sucks as a TA filler. Most of the time you have to multiple hits to gain max damage.
Even if you want zero hits you might as well do 2,3, 1+2,4 for wall TA.

And that Steve/Baek wall combo sucks too. With Steve/Baek I do. Steve W! ff+2 B! (or d+2~1,2 from carry and make it one hit) Baek 2,3 FLA f+3>d+4,4>4 Steve 3,1,1 or df+1+2

Also Baek FC 3,3,3 is pretty inconsistent depending on axis.

Watch videos and see what the Baek/Hwo players are doing.
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Joined: Jan 2009
Posts: 3786
From: Canada
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#104 “Quote” Edit Post
I found a great Baek post TA! on the wall with df+4,4, think ima use that.

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