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Hey guys I have been using armor king for a while and I have recently by trying to work new set ups and oki. For a while I was only using the GT at the wall and going for mixups after the b1,2. I read in one thread to use df2,1 at the wall for the oki. I've never really used that at the wall, can anyone explain what can be done after the df2,1?

Also sometimes when I go for iSW at range 0 or 1 I will sometimes get the 2+4 grab and I was wondering what is better for oki given that situation, 2+4 or the extension that can be done from it?

Any other set ups for oki or things to test out would be great! Always love learning things to expand my game play and keep things fresh!
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After B! df+1, df+2,1 if you do an iWR 3 it tech catches (it gets blocked properly if you did it too slow, but if you did it right they have to hold forward to block it after techrolling to avoid the slash kick). If they don't tech they're right on your feet and have to guess when getting up.
2+4 is decent oki, but with 2+4 extension the opponent recovers before you, so no oki (you have to guess b/w their wakeup kicks). You can still catch backrolls and hit db+2,3 in their back (ironically it's easier off of 2+4 extension to me), but nobody's going to do that.
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1st Dan
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Ah I didn't realize that the extension had a longer recovery. Thanks for letting me know about that and explaining the df+2,1 post bound stuff!
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It would still be better to keep them at the wall with extension tho. I think the risk is worth the reward.
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after 2+4 extension, if your opponent tries any get up kick, U+2 will beat them. Low risk, medium reward PLUS badass points.

on regular 2 break, uf+1+2 with catch people back rolling, then you get free stomps

This it T5DR shit tho

Also, after df+2,1 at the wall, you mix your stomps with throws. (Tomb Stone; GS) to get them to duck. Then you do df+1+2 (which is safe and tracks everywhere) and on hit leaves them right back at the wall for more oki mixes.

and that is T6 shit
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