Finished with Tekken Zaibatsu

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Anna=washing machine
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Some might be glad haha, but I am finished with tekken zaibatsu. I will not be posting anymore on this site and have deleted the tekken zaibasu discord group.

Currently I am focusing on another game which I may be able to play competitively if it works out, I am in a character specific discord group for xiaoyu still however and you can send me a dm on twitter via lingxiaowho if you want a link or any help.

Sorry guys about this, i mean i think there are only two active xiaoyu posters, shauno and alley oop, but sorry to you two.
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Lucky Chloe troll
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Sorry to see you leave, but think of it as just taking an extended break. Come back anytime!
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Tekken 6 when
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Good riddance.
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