[PC/PS4/XB1] Bug Reporting & Feedback Thread

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If it's been said before, I'll say it again.
In player match, if I set connection quality to 4 or above, please don't let anyone below that have the ability to join. This was there in Tekken tag 2 and it is there in Ranked matches in a sense.

It's a waste of time kicking people who simply do not respect the connection quality set, and cannot understand when I name the session "4-5 bars"

Randoms from all over the world are clogging the session during fights, and whenever a laggy person joins mid-match, the match has a few seconds of stutter.

I'm not spoiled for 5 bar connections where I come from, this would be a solid fix for many others too, I'm sure.
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yo, they really need to start experimenting with some sort of implementation of rollback
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I'm from brasil and on ps4, and most (90%)matches in ranked (4-5bars) end up being a "the connection to the opponent hás been lost". is there a solution to this? are people just choosing not to play"? is it a glitch?

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So you mean that if you do not have an excellent connection you can not participate?

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Season 3 Hwoarang bug with RFS f+4

A link to RFS f+4 on CH hitting, and not being NCC at max range in this wierd interaction.

There is also another version, where the first half of the rfs f+4 will hit, but the other half of rfs f+4 will be blocked. I didn´t record this version though, as I felt the full RFS f+4 going in on counterhit and not being NCC was wierder.
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