d/f 2+3 grab (item)?

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I heard that jin has a special item that makes his d/f 2+3 grab do some cool thing when you finish them off with it, can anyone tell me what the item is and how it works? also if anyone knows any good jin/devil jin combos I would love to hear em..
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hey ive been wondering the same thing. is it the move where he grabs them and punches and kicks them like 20 times before delivering a big punch as the killing blow? i didnt know it was an item move.. is it the glowing eyes maybe?
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Yes it is the glowing eyes customization. Can be unlocked through ghost battle on the consoles, have no idea how to get it on arcade though. Spam d/f+2+3 when they're about to die for the sheer awesome.
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The item is called evil eyes and the throw was taken from a scene from blood vengeance (spoiler!)

Staple Jin/Devil Jin combos

Jin: ecd1/ws2, ewhf, 13~3 B!, DJ: bf21d+2, Jin: run up 124 (most dmg) or ff+2 or bf21 or ewhf.
Jin: ecd1/ws2, ewhf, 13~3 B!, DJ: ssr ff3,1~f 22, Jin: ff+2
Jin: ecd1/ws2, ewhf, 13~3 B!, DJ: uf1+2, Jin: b3~f12

Devil Jin: ewgf, ff3,1~f,2, df1+2 B!, Jin: b3~f 1+2, DJ run up f3+4
Devil Jin: 2x ewgf, df1+2 B!, Jin: bf23~f 1+2, DJ: tgf~uf
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I think he pretty much covered the item move part and the staple combos

Got one a few other combos I use to mix it up a bit.

Jin- (typically any launcher), b/f+2,1,1,3~3 B!, DJ: f+3, (Jin) dash 124
Jin- (typically any launcher), b/f+2,1,1,3~3 B!, DJ: d/f+3,2,4 (Jin) dash, ff+2
Jin- (typically any launcher), b/f+2,1,1,3~3 B!, DJ: f+4,3 (Jin) dash, ff+2 (or b+2,1)
*some juggles you can end with Jin's d/f+1,4 to wall carry them as well, gotta go back into the lab to do it, forgot what I did but the damage turns out to be 84*

DJ- EWGF, EWGF, 1, 1, d/f+1+2 B!, (Jin) CDS+1+2 (DJ) Run~ f+3+4
DJ- EWGF, EWGF, d/f+1,2 B!, (Jin) CDS+2, (DJ) dash,f n d,d/f+4,4(his hellsweep)

Smaller OKI setup I use:
Jin- (typically any launcher), b/f+2,1,1,3~3 B!, DJ; d/f+1,2, (Jin)d+2 (leaves them at your feet for oki)
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