Russian Intelligence: TTT2 Dragunov QnA Thread

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Standard TA! combo followup I fall back on would be dash, iWS4, f+1, f+3~df CDc, 1,3,2, B!, TA!, f,f+3

EDIT: I haven't checked the Tag 2 forum in ages, so sorry I missed this one!

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Originally posted by Kane:
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Originally posted by TeeJay92
What is the best combo to do after you hit with a running 2 and it instantly bounds your opponent?

Use the low parry combo of your choice (check the combo thread, though not all are applicable I think because of the WR2 recovery and angle.), or tag buffer it if you want higher damage but give the opponent a LOT of red life.
I personally use WR2 B!, iWS4, f+1, f+3~d/f CD4, d+4,4
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Two Questions...
1) Does Drag have some Oki select?
2) Is it possible to d/b+3 > d+2?
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