Damn I miss this place

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Money Inc.
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Where did it all go wrong? This place is so much more useful than FB groups for Tekken. Meh
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Holy Hot Damn!
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How tf am I gonna come back after months and months right after you post this shit? lmao

I still think this site could be the go-to place for Tekken. I think it just needs better PR, probably. Twitter and youtube and all those places are where people go. No one is just going to find TZ randomly.
will touch u gently
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Facebook and kids' instant gratification resulted TZ's decline. Discord delivers the last curb stomp to it.
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It is truly a shame. I miss the good old days.
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TZ had and still has one of the cleanest designed forums. Reddit has essentially destroyed "mom and pop" forums/discussion boards, but its design drives me nuts.

That and TZ has shields/post counts

Given how accessible Tekken is online in 2020, a weekly CCC on-line tournament would've been fun as hell.
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Posting for the `gram, bout to stimulus sum lewd memes on TikTok cuz Twitch is overrun by millions of ditzy IRL'ers on 1 bar, be sure to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel where I review stolen car stereos, link to my MGTOW Discord in the description below my OnlyFans, SORRY THE ADMINISTRATOR HAS SPECIFIED THAT USERS CAN POST ONLY ONE MESSAGE EVERY DUCKED ELECTRIC ON REACTION

/ain't my prerogative
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Iron Fist God
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by USMCOgre
Where did it all go wrong? This place is so much more useful than FB groups for Tekken. Meh

Sucks really bad doesn't it?
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The Game
EMP The Game
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Social media 😔
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I'm new to the game but i find that the best way to win is to use f+3 then keep on using 3+4, f+1+2 until there dead.
tinh yeu
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why are you guys posting here

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I'm hitting up the arcade, see yall there?

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Originally posted by insanelee
why are you guys posting here

discord is lame
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Waiting for that "We're The Millers" meme with

You guys are using TZ??
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