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Similar to my DJ and Asuka wishlists.

My list:


- Should KND FDFA like Bob's 1+2,1+2. It looks absurd that an uppercut would make the opponent spin sideways on standing when it makes the opponent spin backward on juggles.

- Should have an unbreakable double over (suffering animation) stun (but no standing hits guaranteed though) on CH. I want bound moves with such stuns.
- With the charge gone, it should be -6 on block.

- 2nd hit should have a "fake bound" launch like his d+1+2

- On CH it should make a stun like Kazuya's d/f+1. I hate the removal of the launch property of the NH stun.

- Should KND FDFA like his SAV 2 and u/f+1


- m,h
- New spin kick off ff+2. Probably the safest option, should be -1 on block.
- On juggles it should be able to knock back the opponent while spinning sideways.
- KND FDFA on hit.

- m,l
- New sweep off ff+2.
- KND FDFT on hit.
- On juggles it should be able to make opponent spin sideways.

- m
- Similar to Williams/Dragunov ff+4.

SAV f+2
- h
- Similar to Mach Breaker
- Should be i13 and +1 on block.

SAV 1,2,3
- h,m,h
- 3rd hit should be -5 on block.
- KND similar to his bf+1
- Wide delay window to confuse opponents whether that SAV 1,2,1 or SAV 1,2,3 may come out.

SAV 1,2,4
- h,m,l
- KND FDFT like Lili's WS 1,2,4
- Wide delay window
- 3rd hit should be -17 on block.

What's yours?
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