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5th Dan
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I am sure this is not where this type of post goes. Oh well

Just got back on Xbox 360 Live since moving. Never really played online very much on TT2. Wanted to know if anyone wanted to have some matches. I am quite casual and I won't rage quit. I shouldn't have to say that honestly.

Been getting a lot of numbskulls online. I don't think people understand the definition of "spamming" in a fighter. It makes me quite sad that a majority of the community is like that. I guess it's like that in other game though. Whatever.

Hit me up if you want to have some matches online. I would be surprised if anyone replied to this post.

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Most people don't like to be grabbed all the time, even if they beat the grabber. Not many players can break them so it's a common struggle, can you see why most players would probably not enjoy playing you?

1st Dan
Joined: Mar 2015
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From: England
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Erm.... Wait, what?! Chand, at what point did the original poster mention that he grabs all the time?! Unless there was another post that's been deleted, or you have played against him, you have no grounds to make that comment, it doesn't even make sense in this conversation.

To the original poster, I say this. Unless you're using a stick, you shouldn't be playing tekken on an xbox. The D-pad is a joke. I consider myself an Ok tekken player, and tried to have a go on my friend's xbox. I couldn't execute a move starting with f, f, without an up or down making its way in. So yeah, ps3 is where it's at IMO.
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Iron Fist God
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Chand is the world champion of salty brats, so I guess they played once and Chand couldn't break the throws.

Throw as much as you like Todd <3
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1st Dan
Joined: Nov 2015
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From: United States
XBL: suicdalxxpanda
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suicdalxxpanda hit me up for a fight
Joined: Feb 2016
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From: United States
XBL: Balbooski
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I'm down for some friendly matches. GT: Balbooski
2nd Dan
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From: Pakistan
PSN: Haseeb-I
XBL: iBurnouts
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iBurnouts is my gamertag. Lets have some fights
Gem Fighter
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I'm new here to the Ziabatsu but I'm pretty much on a lot.

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