f + 4 combos

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2nd Dan
Joined: Dec 2012
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So I have two main combos with f + 4...

f + 4, d + 4, 4 = 3 hit, 46 damage (I think) (not solo) -- this seems the most reliable (and is also the combo in the command list)

f + 4, f + 3, f + 1 + 2 (Izu start), 1 + 2 (in Izu), f + 3, f + 1 + 2 (Izu start), 1 + 2 (in Izu) = 7 hit, 70 damage (not solo) -- this works 75% of the time against Jun and Bryan, didn't seem to work at all against Miharu or Lili

I know there's also the f + 4, 1 + 4 combo, but it seems to have the same success rate (and whiff) as my 70 damage combo.

What are people using to combo off f + 4? What success rate does that combo have in your experience?

I'm not at a level where I can start learning opponents with Jun (except certainly against another Jun I'll use my combo because that's who I've been practicing against in practice so it's ingrained into me), so I want a combo that reliably hits everyone.

BTW, I say "not solo" to indicate the damage (as 1v1 gets a damage reduction). I'm not looking, yet, to incorporate tag combos (wanting to get Jun to an extremely high execution before I take away my focus).
Dragon Lord
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Most Jun players use the 1+4 pick-up as it's 100% consistent. If your dash isn't consistent then you need to practice your execution, as there are no other consistent combos that do more damage. Don't get me wrong, there ARE other combos but none of which are consistent enough to be used in matches when f+4 hits in the open.

In the future, at least try to look in the combo threads, and if you have a question then ask it in the Q&A thread.
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Tekken Lord Black
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Well, a good consistent combo is: f+4, 1+4, f+3, b+2,1,f+1+2, IZU 1+2 B!/TA!. I'd be lying if I said I landed it 100% of the time though.

Here's a rather hilarious combo you can do in the stage with the breakable glass wall (from default position):
f+4, d+4,4 W! ff+3 WB! df+2,2 TA!
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2nd Dan
Joined: Dec 2012
Posts: 29
From: USA Texas
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Thanks for the suggestions!

If the 1 + 4 is 100% consistent.. it seems my task is to work on the dash and expand from there.
2nd Dan
Joined: Dec 2012
Posts: 29
From: USA Texas
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Nice.. so I've been practicing against Miharu and got this one down I think.

I tried yours Minty and, while I can do it, I'm not at the execution level to include (b + 2, 1) naturally yet.

f + 4, dash, 1 + 4, f + 3, f + 1 + 2, 1 + 2, (whatever end works here) -- right now I have it at 69 damage and that's good enough for me.. for now.

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