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1) df+4,3
To me, this 14f m,m -9 combo on counterhit string is his best move. Range, speed, safety, and most importantly, mid,mid, which helps Negan to set up low attacks. df+4,3 sets up his many, many slower mids that do big damage. I use this instead of df+1 strings because it is safer because of 2 reasons: its superior range, and being -9 and mid on its second hit instead of -11 or a high on its second hit like df+1,2 or df+1,1. It is 1f slower, but that is ok.

2) f,f+1+2
Despite launching the opponent off axis, Negan gets a full combo by holding forward to get back on axis, uf+4, df+4,2 (hold), INT 1+2, etc., so the weird launch isn't an issue. Great range! It's like Lars' f,f+1+2, only Negan's launches on normal hit! Its range makes up for its slow startup speed. f,f+1+2 can replace a lot of Negan's movelist simply because it's a launcher, and moves like f,f+2 and f,f+4 aren't. His running move, f,f,f+2, should also be replaced with this move. His f,f,f+2 is +9 on block, but has gimp range. I've whiffed Negan's f,f,f+2 quite a lot when seemingly at close range.

3) uf+4
It seems like they gave Negan Bruce's b+2, except they made it -7 on block instead of -9! Definitely spammable! 17f isn't exactly fast, but for poking, use df+4,3 and maybe his df+1 strings. If/when you score a counterhit, combo with holding forward for a step to re-align, which seems to be an issue Negan has with his best launchers, then uf+4, df+4,2 (hold), INT 1+2, uf+4, f+3,2.

4) db+2
Negan's low attacks leave a lot to be desired. This is obviously his best one. On hit, Negan can now use his new low attack out of Intimidation stance, INT d+2. He can use INT 1+2 for a power crushing high launcher. Or, he can go for INT 1,2, a -13 on block mid,mid hit confirmable string. 24f is a bit slow, and -15 on block is usually going to score a launcher for the opponent, but it is good damage. If this move was made safer on block, it would made Negan a much better character.

5) f+1+2
I think this mid, -15 on block, power crush launcher is great. It has long range, and has armor quite early in its startup. So you can and should make opponents fear it. Unlike f,f+1+2, it launches them straight. So Negan gets his full uf+4, df+4,2 (hold), INT 1+2, uf+4, f+3,2 combo for huge damage!

6) db+3
16 frames, -15 on block, and -4 on hit and counterhit might look bad on paper for a low attack. But it makes up for it in other properties. It's a high crush that recovers crouching. It also has great range, which most of Negan's other low attacks lack. Unfortunately, db+3 pushes the opponent far away on hit. This means that his FC df+2, another low attack lacking in range, will not be able to reach the opponent. If they made Negan much closer after db+3 hit, it would improve Negan overall.

7) SS+2
A high launcher out of sidestep! 20f and -9 on block. If it hits, take a big sidestep in the opposite direction that you did when you did SS+2, then uf+4, df+4,2 (hold), INT 1+2, dash, uf+4, f+3,2! If you're good at moving, this move will really compliment your Negan! But, if SS+2 was a mid attack, it would improve Negan.

8) 1,2,2 and 1,2 (hold)
A lot like Devil Jin's 1,2,3. 10f 1,2 punches into an axe kick ER I MEAN into a downward bat swing. The third hit is slow and definitely interruptable. Maybe even some characters' standing counterhit 4s might interrupt the third hit for a full launch. But the third hit is +4 on block, allowing Negan to continue his attacking, which is uncommon for him. Negan can now just do 1,2 (hold) and go into his Intimidation stance.

9) WS+1,2
11f is really fast for a WS move! Negan will now be able to punish almost all low poke attacks in the game with this 11,20 points of damage, mid,mid attack! +7 on hit, and Negan can end in his Intimidation stance by holding the 2 button after its second hit. -11 on block.

10) b+2,2
His homing move. It is -11 on block, high,mid, and kinda slow at 16f. But its second hit is very damaging, and most importantly, looks so cool! b+2,2 will combo on counterhit.

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