breathing life into the heihaci forums once again

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3rd Dan
Joined: Sep 2012
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From: USA Tennessee
PSN: roachthedon
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Hello loyal zaibatsu'rs, if your like me you have noticed certain facebook groups have kinda put zaibatsu on the back burner. Well i say fuck that if you have any questions about heihachi i will answer them in full detail, need help with your offense im your guy. All that i ask is if its a basic question check the other post first to see if it has been answered. If you are online and want to get games in or have a mic i will host a room upon request and give you tips or help anyway i can. My psn is roachthedon ive been playing heihachi loyally since tekken 5.1
Signature psn:roachthedon
I was using heihachi before he was cool lol
Don D
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Hey roach. I posted some questions in the combo and question thread. Looking forward to some input from you.

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