All Man And A Yard Wide-The Jinpachi Combos

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I've begun building the first page, unfortunately Jinpachi isn't exactly flashy when it comes to solo combos so be sure to share yours.
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WS+2, ff, u+4 (when enemy is on his way up in the air from the bounce), d/f+1,1, d/f+3,1 (B!) u/b+1,2~F, 1,2,4 91 damage (might be 92, I can't remember)
fun fact, this combo works on back turned opponents except for the finisher after the B!. Use SS+2,1 instead for around 87 damage I think.

CH (d+2), 1, d/f+1, df+1,1, d/f+3,1 (B!) (u/b+1),2~F,1,2,4 was 87 damage I think.

Another back turned combo
WS+1,1 (B!) ff, u+4, d/b+3,1 for 62 damage

also something for a wall combo
off of faster recovering W! moves, you can AP backwards 2, for a resplat and d/f+3,1 for B!. Have to be fast though. After the resplat and B! only d/b+3,1 seems to work correctly.

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low parry

ssr u+4 d/f1,1 f1+4

could anyone test if this below combos works?
low parry
ssr u+4 d/f1,1 ,d/f3,2
ssr u+4 d/f1,1 , b1,2
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Just some Jinpachi combos. Also, I got some damage data from some which needs it:

d/f+2, iWS+3, 2, d/f+3,1 B! (u/b+1),2 FLY 1,2,4 - 80 damage
d/f+2, iWS+3, d/f+3,1 B! (u/b+1),2 FLY 1,2,2:2 - 83 damage

d/f+2,1, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,2,4 - 76 damage
d/f+2,1, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,1,2:2 - 83 damage ( the JF grab is +10 damage )

CH u/b+1,2, 1, d/f+1,1, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,2,4 - 77 damage

CH 4, SSL, d/f+1, d/f+1,1, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,2,4 - 80 damage
CH 4, iWS+3, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,1,2:2 - 84 damage

CHG 2, iWS+3, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,1,2:2 - 89 damage
CHG 2, u+4, d/f+1,1, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,2,4 - 92 damage

CH f+3_CH WS+3_CH b+2_CH wakeup 3, iWS+3, d/f+3,1, B!, (u/b+1),2~FLY 1,1,2:2 - 88 damage

Also, some Asuka and Jinpachi combos:

(CH WS 1+2), 1+2, d/b+3,4, d/f+3,1 B! TA! b+2,4,3 dash u/f+3,4 - 96 damage (128 damage)

f+2 u+4, 2, d/f+3,1 B! TA! 2,3, dash u/f+3,4 OR dash u/f+3+4 FLY 1,2,4 - 90 damage

(CH d/b+4),3 u+4, d/f+1,1, d/f+3,1 B! TA! 2,3 dash u/f+3,4 OR dash u/f+3+4 FLY 1,2,4 - 95 damage (116 damage)

d/f+2, d/b+4,3 d/f+3,1 B! TA! b+2,4,3 dash u/f+3,4 OR dash u/f+3+4 FLY 1,2,4 - 80 damage

FR u+4, d/f+1,1, d/f+3,1 B! TA! 2,3 dash u/f+3,4 OR dash u/f+3+4 FLY 1,2,4 - 82 damage

CH f+3 d/b+4,3 b+1+2 B! TA! b+2,4,3 dash u/f+3,4 - 96 damage

CH u/b+1,2 b+4,2 B! u/f+3+4 FLY 3,4 u/f+3, ff+2,1 - 87 damage

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