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I'm wondering why the heck does this guy have like 4000 total play counts and is still a shihan. mind you, he has about 90+ win rate and shit but he's still SHIHAN, wherein my card was already 4th dan even if I only have 40% win rate and less than a hundred fights.

Kochocobo is puzzled. I get owned by destroyer, legend, berzerker, blah blah. Sometimes, I even fight the same rank who has like 600+ game count. What's up with that?

So does this say having a lower win rate, lower play count doesn't mean lower rank?

I'm more interested in ranks.
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Because ranks doesnt matter (for dumbasses who doesent know that post count =/ playcount)
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That doesn't matter at all, winning 3 matches against an opponent with the same rank (regardless of your win/loss ratio) will get you a promotion chance. So a guy could have a 35% win/loss ratio, as long as he wins 3 matches in a row against someone with the same rank he'll still get a promotion chance. You should browse SD site for more info, Markman & SD Tekken have broken down the ranking system in precise detail.
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Your rank doesn't mean squat. I've seen people with high ranks who were crap, and I've seen monster players who couldn't get past 4th Dan. It all depends on your comp.

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