Leroy's Parry & Sabaki Window

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This post originally appeared on Tekken Zaibatsu Discord. I thought I should post it here too because having this data on TekkenZaibatsu forum means this data can be possibly found through a search engine like Google.

FasAn 12/13/2019
Leroy's parries and sabakis (contains all extra informations!)


+ b+2_HRM~b+2 - start-up at frame 3 -> Parry window: 3~20f
-> gives us +frames, if parry succeeds
-> advantage depends on the parried move
-> parries the whole string, if it doesn't have big gaps or lows in it
-> after successful parry press 1 or 2 for a parry punish
-> this does 40 dmg and leaves us +7 on Hit
-> don't worry the parry punish is -9 on Block!
-> if the parried move recovers badly, you can launch the opp!
-> wait for the animation to finish and do d/f+2,1+2
-> or just spam b+3, if the former one seems risky!
=> PARRIES practically EVERYTHING, EXCEPT lows!
-> Even RAs, weapons, projectiles etc.
=> IMPORTANT! Recovery-Window: 21~40f

+ HRM auto low-parry - start-up at frame 3 -> Parry window: 3~[..]f
-> does 15 damage and leaves us at +16, if parry succeeds
-> This guarantees us these follow-ups:
-> HRM 1+2 (m,m,m) (KND & WB!, for a total of 45 dmg)
-> HRM 4,1+2 (m,m,m) (KND & W!, for a total of 53 dmg)
-> HRM f+1 (h) (W!, due to +15kg, for a total of 45 dmg)
-> great for poking/pressure
=> PARRIES every type of low and dickjabs:
-> EXCEPT Chloes RA and special mids!


+ u/f+1 - i16 (h), 17 dmg, -9 on block -> Parry window: 4~13f
-> This move works EXACTLY like b+2, even though it's a sabaki
-> For more infos: Look at the section "b+2_HRM~b+2"!
=> PARRIES practically EVERYTHING!
-> Even RAs, weapons, projectiles and unblockables!

+ d/b+1+2 - i32 (m), 25 dmg, -11 on block -> Parry window: 4~20f

-> does 25 damage and gives KND, if parry succeeds
-> wallsplats, if the opp exactly at the wall
=> DOES NOT parry elbows, knees, shoulders and lows

+ HRM 1 - i24 (m), 17 dmg, -6 on block -> Parry window: 3~12f
-> does 34 damage and leaves us at +28g, if parry succeeds
=> DOES NOT parry elbows, knees, shoulders etc. and lows
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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
Some almost useless facts about the Jin and Leroy parry.

Their parries function basically the same but here's one key difference:

-Jin's (b+2+4) requires multiple manual inputs and a manual retaliation (you input the parry as many times as you need it and then decide what move to do after a successful parry), but his whole moveset is available to him from frame 1 (even if it turns out to not be exactly frame 1, we'll use this as the baseline).

-Leroy's (b+2) requires a single input and has some fixed punch retaliations (scripted strings at the press of a button). Due to these canned strings, he doesn't have access to all his punches but he has manual access to his kicks.

Leroy has these two fixed retaliations:

1. Any punch button for an i13, 40 damage string that's +7 (42 damage in rage)

2. f+1+2 for a i15, 40 damage rage drive.

This means he can only punish moves that are at least -13 after a parry.


Now I don't know if it's the recent recovery nerf that's caused this, but:

1. Leroy can only access the rest of his movelist (excluding the fixed retaliations) 3 frames after parrying a move. (Or 3 frames after Jin normally would)

Meaning, for example, his 4,4 that's usually i12 will come out as an i15 punish.

2. Similarly with No. 1, he can only access any punch input that has a directional button after 3 frames. This includes another b+2, and b+1+2, d+1+2, uf+1

Doing another b+2 (or any other punch button within that 3 frame window) will result in the first string listed above coming out.

3. He can access Hermit (3+4) and it's auto low-parry instantly. (within the 3 frame recovery window)


Itís worth noting that the first string (the fixed parry retaliation) also has a built in parry within itself, but this one is strictly in frame 1 (canít test exact numbers).

This means that strings with little to no gaps (like Lawís 3+4 and Alisaís chainsaws) are safe for Leroy to mash out his retaliation. This is because the retaliation itself will simply convert into another parry, until letís say about 2 frames. After the 2nd frame, he is susceptible to getting counter hit until the first punch connects at 13 frames.

An example of a string where he can't mash after b+2 is Katarina's 3,3,3,3,3.
The window between the 2nd and 3rd hit is bigger than the parry window that is present in his retaliation. He also can't mash between the 3rd and the 4th hit.

Final thing worth pointing out is that the parry retaliation can be delayed for 30 frames (Tested against Laws d/b+3+4 which has a 30 frame gap and against Mardukís unblockable which is 32 frames fast).

That means, you can parry a move, wait for 30 frames, and still get the fixed retaliation upon pressing a punch button that lacks a directional input.

All that means for Leroy is that for 30 whole frames, you cannot simply throw out a 1 jab, 2 jab, or his blessed 1+2,1+2,1.

However, after 3 frames, you can "cancel" the parry retaliation by pressing any directional input.

Meaning after he successfully parries a move, press any directional button, and only then will Leroy be able to do standard jabs.

If my math is correct, that means you have 3 frames of parry recovery, 1 frame for cancelling the retaliation and the 10 frames of your jab. This means the fastest possible speed your jab will come out is i14.


b+2 cannot be done from crouch, but luckily graciously he has u/f+1. This move will parry jabs even though Leroy is -6.

That means it's useful against things like Jin's f,f+4 on block and Bob's rage drive on block (still a mix up with the low). It's the best response to option select strings whose mix-up is not only between a high or mid but between completion or not.

It allows you to take your turn while still being defensive. E.g against Leroy's own d/b+1, Bob's d/f+1 and WS1 etc


None of Leroy's parries work off axis

An easier method of testing if a move is launch punishable by d/f+2,1+2 after a parry, is by trying to punish it with standing 3 (i15), d/f+3 (i16) and b+4 (i17)
Remember that all of his basic moves are accessible to him only 3 frames after parrying a move. That means that standing 3 (i15) will connect as an i18 punish and his d/f+2,1+2 (also i15) will function similarly.

Unfortunately, since Leroy has to cancel his parry retaliation first before doing any of his standard punch moves, or wait for the 3 frame recovery window to pass, practicing to launch punish with d/f+2,1+2 can be a bit challenging and tedious. If you want to know how much leeway you have to launch a move after a parry, use the kicks listed above first and then you can practice.

If it's only punishable by standing 3, then it will be a very tight link, but doable. If it can be punished by b+4 then you'll have a comfortable time. If it can't be punished by any of them, then settle for the auto parry retaliation, or go for a mix up with hellsweep.

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